Westpoint Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Hand Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 4,100 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,730.


Hand blenders are very useful tools to have in the kitchen. Westpoint has multiple options with the main difference being in the max power of the device one chooses. A Westpoint hand blender can be used to chop, mix, whisk and churn. There are different speed settings so one can use the apt one for their specific tasks. The brand has many options and they are in the affordable price range.


Westpoint hand blender

A French brand that has been present in the Pakistani market for over 2 decades, Westpoint has a wide range of appliances; including items that are for kitchen use such as the hand blender. The range is all simple in design with large buttons for easy use and their body is cylindrical so it is easy to hold and manoeuvre.

Hand blenders are useful as they can be used for churning as well, something a traditional blender may be difficult to use for. If one wanted to make a smaller batch of smoothies, baby food and dips a hand blender would be great. Many hand blenders also come with a whisk so they can be used for things such as mayonnaise as well. Another advantage is that a hand blender can be used in a glass, a pitcher a mug or pretty much any other smaller container as well. The smaller containers should not be full nor should the speed be maxed as the ingredients could come flying out.

Westpoint has multiple options of hand blenders, the major difference is in their max power. The other difference is the size of the plastic jar they come in. All the options come with a blade for blending or a whisk to whip up eggs, sauces or to churn things such as butter. Westpoint has built-in a safety lock to make it a lot easier to use and varying speeds as blending and whisking or churning need different speeds to be done right.


To make this kitchen appliance easy to maintain, Westpoint has made the working parts easy to clean and has used stainless steel for them to extend their life.

The price of the Westpoint hand blenders is in the lower ranges, making them affordable devices to purchase that enhance the efficiency of kitchen work by a large margin.

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Hand Blender WF4201BD Rs. 10,400
WestPoint Hand Blender WF9816 Rs. 10,400
WestPoint Hand Blender Model No. 9301 Rs. 5,800
WESTPOINT Hand Blender WF-9714 Rs. 5,600
Westpoint Hand Blender Steel Rod White 9214 Rs. 5,999
WESTPOINT Hand Blender WF-9814 Rs. 5,850
WESTPOINT Hand Blender 2 in 1 WF-9915 Rs. 6,600
Westpoint Hand Blender 2 in 1 Rs. 7,950
WESTPOINT Hand Blender WF-9214 Rs. 5,650
WESTPOINT Hand Blender 3 in 1 WF-4201 Rs. 8,200
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