10tb Hard Drive

Compare 4 prices from 4 stores.

Compare 4 prices from 4 stores.

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Rs. 54900 - Rs. 95999


At this size, a hard drive is pretty much a personal storage server. It would take over 1.5 million songs to fill up a 10TB hard drive. This is an ideal storage device for people who have a lot of large files being generated. One could find an internal hard disk of this size or an external one as well. The price of a 10TB hard drive is high.


10TB hard drive

A large storage device, at 10TBs a hard drive can store tremendous amounts of data. An average user would not be able to fill it up in a lifetime, for reference 10TB of space would need roughly over 1.5 million songs to fill up. One could use it to backup all their data for safekeeping; if your laptop crashes or is lost you will have it all available to you.

This is an ideal hard drive for anyone who does work which produces heavy files such as video editing, graphic design and other such tasks. If a 10TB hard drive is connected to the network, then multiple people can use it as well.

Type and more

Currently, one can only get a 10TB hard drive in the older HDD type format. The connectivity can vary there are options which are made to be inserted into a computer while you could also put it into an external hard drive case and use it as an external hard drive via the USB port. Some come already set inside such a casing.


At 10TB a hard drive will be very costly. Western Digital and Seagate produce this storage size, both these brands are the top options.

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The best price of 10tb Hard Drive in Pakistan is Rs. 54,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 72,812.

Price List

Model Price
Seagate Backup Plus 10TB Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEL… Rs. 54,900
Seagate SkyHawk 10TB Surveillance Hard Drive Rs. 95,999
HP 10TB SATA HDD Surveillance Hard Drive Rs. 56,350
WD 10TB 3.5″ SATA Red NAS Rs. 84,000