300 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The best price of 300 Watt Solar Panel in Pakistan is Rs. 180 and estimated average price is Rs. 34,415.


The 300 watt solar panels are able to pick up some of the burdens of the main power supply. It has a lightweight design with easy to operate functionality, simply install the panel directly under sunlight and use to directly to power devices, lights and fans.


Portable Power Solution   

An effective converting device to create electricity from the power of the sun. It can harness this power of sunlight through the Solar panels (PV panels) installed in a grid that converts sunlight photons into electricity. The 300 Watt solar panel is light to carry and perfectly mobile to take on camping trips or install outdoors on the roof or terrace. It can easily power several devices for a long duration as long as there is bright sunlight to charge the panels. They are strong and durable lasting for years without any maintenance costs. 


A solar panel may seem like an expensive cost for purchasing and installation, but it will outweigh the cost of electricity bills during hot Pakistani summers in just a short while. Not needing to pay a high electricity bill every month can be a relief when managing the house or office saving you thousands of rupees. It is an environmentally friendly energy that does not pollute the air. 

Price List

Model Price
Ns Prime Plus 2202 Ups Inverter 2.0 Kva 1800 Watt… Rs. 47,999
Prince Mppt Solar Charge Controller 60 Ampere 12/… Rs. 10,900
Ns Premium Plus 1200 Solar Inverter Ups 1.0 Kva 1… Rs. 44,999
Vertex Series (HVS-1214SCC) UPS Solar Supported I… Rs. 55,990
6V 1Watt Mini Soler Panel MODULE SOLAR SYSTEM CEL… Rs. 600
Vertex Series (HVS-2414SCC) UPS Solar Supported I… Rs. 66,990
Solar Panel 260 Watt Solar World in Pakistan Rs. 31,500
Faisal Mppt Solar Charge Controller 65 Ampere 12/… Rs. 12,900
Polysilicon Solar Panel (18V 10W), High Conversio… Rs. 2,450
MC4 Solar Panel Connector in Pakistan Rs. 180
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