32Gb Memory Card Price in Pakistan

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The best price of 32Gb Memory Card in Pakistan is Rs. 450 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,868.


Today users are looking for a portable large data storage unit as it is a necessary part of owning a computer, laptop, DSLR or Go Pro. Memory cards are a lightweight chipset that can easily store a large volume of data, they are used to transfer files from one device to another. There are several kinds of memory cards available in the market. They have different storage capacities and processing speeds that make them efficient for professional and personal data management. The most important aspects of a memory card are its processing speed for data transfer and internal storage. For those looking for a microSD card to also work as a normal SD card, an adapter can be used to make it compatible with third-party devices.

Pros & Cons


  • Can be used in cameras, mobiles, laptops and desktops


  • Due to its small size can be easily misplaced

  • Needs reformating to keep safe from viruses and data corruption


There are a variety of 32GB memory cards types in CompactFlash known as CF and Secure Digital known as SD chipset. An upgraded version of the SD card is the microSD that is 60% smaller than its predecessor. The microSD card has all the same specifications but in a smaller size making it ideal for small cameras, Go-Pros and smartphones. 

Storage Capacity 

Photographers and videographers shoot in JPEG and RAW formats, their camera requires a large memory card that can carry thousands of images. A 32GB memory card will be able to store 1,203 photographs in RAW and 6,250 photographs in JPEG format. A large memory size will ensure they do not need to change their card during a shoot. Laptops are now commonly built with memory card slots saving precious time for users who need to rapidly transfer data during work. A 32GB memory card can offer up to 7600 of 12MP JPEG format, 5330 20MP JPEG format and 520 20MP RAW format space for photographs. When storing video footage it can provide 480 mins of HD video recording on 9MBPS settings and 320 mins of Full HD video recording on 13MBPS. A Full HD card can ensure that photography and video files will be stored, transferred and playback at perfect resolution. 

Types of SD Memory Cards 

The Secure Digital High Capacity Card known as SDHC is an unupgraded version of SD with same physical size and shape but advanced storage and processing capability. They are essentially an SD card above 4GB of memory with up to 64 GB. With the growing demand for large storage units, anything higher than 64GB is an SDXC memory card. The SD card has a micro version as it is 15 mm x 11 mm and 1 mm thick in size. The microSDHC is the same as the SDHC card with a storage capacity of 32 GB and can transfer up to 10 MB per second. 

Compatibility & Connectivity 

It is important that users buy a compatible memory card with the port in their devices. As each memory card type will have its own designated ports in laptops, cameras and smartphones. The UMDA Rating is the ultra direct memory access that works with the supporting processor of your device to ensures fast data processing speeds. The Reading Speed is the time it takes for the memory card to transfer data from the card to the device. The speed at which images open and downloaded into your device is the reading speed. The Writing Speed the time it takes for the memory card to record and store data.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung 32GB Memory Card - 6 Months Warranty) - C… Rs. 680
Lexar 633x 95mb SD Card 32gb - 64gb - 128gb , 667… Rs. 8,190
Micro Sd Memory Card (with One Month Warranty) 32… Rs. 500
32gb Samsung Evo Micro Card Rs. 619
Lexar 32GB Professional 633x UHS-I SDHC Memory Ca… Rs. 2,499
32GB sandisk ULTRA MICROSDHC Memory card Rs. 699
Lexar 32gb/64gb High Performance 633x SD Camera C… Rs. 1,450
SanDisk 32GB SD Class 4 Memory Card Rs. 1,550
SanDisk 32GB High Endurance Video Monitoring micr… Rs. 7,499
32gb Memory Card Micro Sd Card Rs. 599
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