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The best price of 5.1 Speakers in Pakistan is Rs. 16,680 and estimated average price is Rs. 32,219.


A surround sound system is the essential component of a home theater system. The 5.1 channel is the most common configuration used for building home theater systems around the world. Check out 5.1 speakers prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


A six-channel surround sound audio system, the 5.1 speakers include five full-bandwidth channels and one subwoofer for low-frequency sound. They are the easiest and the most used surround sound layout used to create mini theatres at home. 

Leading Brands

The notable names that manufacture high-tech 5.1 channel speakers are Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Monitor Audio, ELAC, Yamaha, Jamo, F&D,  etc. Affordable options include Audionic, Edifier, LG, Logitech etc. All these brands manufacture and sell wired as well as wireless Bluetooth 5.1 channel speakers. You can buy them from our trusted online sellers on our website. 

5.1 Channel Speakers

These speakers come in six-channel surround-sound audio system and include one subwoofer for low-frequency sounds and five full-bandwidth channels. The media player and amplifier are often bundled into one box, although can come as two separate units as well. The home theatre system is connected to a video output device, such as a projector or large-screen television, for a powerful and immersive auditory and visual experience. Due to advances in technology, home theaters have become more compact, powerful and affordable, which has made them popular amongst consumer households.

Remote control & Karaoke Mode

Most of these speakers come with a remote control so the user can control the functions of the system from a distance. The Karaoke mode on these speakers allows for a fun activity at parties and gatherings. You can use this mode for having a singing competition with your friends and family with the included wireless mic. 

Connectivity Options

The latest and advanced 5.1 speakers come with built-in wireless connectivity like the NFC and Bluetooth. The one-touch connection NFC allows for quick and easy pairing with other devices. Other than that they have multiple connectivity options like AUX cable, SD card, USB port and TF port for playing music files directly from these devices. You can connect your iPod, iPhone, Android phones or other Bluetooth enabled smart devices to play music from. 

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Price List

Model Price
Audionic Rainbow 51 Speaker Rs. 16,680
Bose Free Space 51 Environmental Speaker Rs. 63,299
Audionic Rainbow 51 Speaker Rs. 16,680
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