Alpina Air Filter Set

Compare 2 prices from 2 stores.

Compare 2 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 14714 - Rs. 52299


For those with budget considerations, Alpina offers an accessible pathway to breathing cleaner air. Alpina Air Filter Sets are a cost-effective solution for sustaining air purifier performance and potentially enhancing indoor air quality. Choosing the appropriate set for your specific model and adhering to the replacement schedule is crucial for optimal results.


Available Options

Alpina understands that not all air purification needs are created equal. Alpina Air Filter Sets encompass a tailored selection, often featuring HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and pre-filters.

Each component plays a specific role in creating a comprehensive filtration system.

1. HEPA Filters

With an efficiency that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, HEPA filters target common allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander, promoting cleaner and fresher air.

2. Activated Carbon Filters

The inclusion of activated carbon filters demonstrates Alpina's commitment to addressing not just particles but also unpleasant odours.

This component tackles household scents, cooking smells, and even smoke, contributing to a more inviting living space.

3. Pre-filters

Positioned as the first line of defense, pre-filters intercept larger particles such as hair and lint, extending the lifespan of the HEPA filter by ensuring it deals primarily with finer dust.

Key Features

While Alpina Air Filter Sets might not introduce revolutionary features, their appeal lies in the combination of affordability, accessibility, and fundamental air filtration functions.

Improved Air Quality

Alpina Air Filter Sets have the potential to enhance indoor air quality by reducing airborne particles and odors. This can contribute to a healthier living environment, especially for individuals sensitive to allergens.


A notable advantage lies in the cost-effectiveness of these filter sets. Compared to some competitors, Alpina filters are positioned as a budget-friendly option, making regular air purifier maintenance financially accessible.

Wide Availability

Alpina's commitment to accessibility is reflected in the wide availability of their air filter sets. This ensures that users can easily find replacement filters online or at local retailers in Pakistan.

Variety of Options

Tailored sets for specific air purifier models offer users a variety of options. This specificity allows consumers to choose a set that aligns precisely with the requirements of their air purification system.

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The best price of Alpina Air Filter Set in Pakistan is Rs. 14,714 and the estimated average price is Rs. 33,506.

Price List

Model Price
Alpina Air Purifier Sf-5066 - 3 Filters - 30w Rs. 52,299
Alpina Air Purifier 3 Filter SF-5065 Rs. 14,714