Astonish Kitchen Cleaner

Compare 44 prices from 6 stores.

Compare 44 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 299 - Rs. 2999


Astonish Kitchen Cleaners emerge as budget-friendly and versatile cleaners. Their gentler cleaning approach make them a commendable addition to any cleaning arsenal.



Astonish does not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. Their arsenal includes All-Purpose cleaners, degreasers and specialized products for ovens, limescale and stubborn residues.

This versatility equips users for diverse cleaning scenarios.

Oxygen-Based Magic

Many Astonish Kitchen Cleaners leverage oxygen-based ingredients, unleashing effervescent bubbles that effectively break down stains and odors.

The absence of harsh chlorine bleach fumes makes them suitable for eco-conscious cleaners and delicate surfaces.


Astonish shines in the budget department, offering an array of effective cleaners without causing financial strain.

This affordability makes them a go-to choice for those who want a sparkling clean kitchen without breaking the bank.

Diverse Range

While not revolutionary, Astonish Kitchen Cleaner stands out with its diverse range, oxygen-based cleaning approach and user-friendly formats (sprays, wipes, creams).

These factors contribute to a unique and advantageous position in the cleaning arena.

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The best price of Astonish Kitchen Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,036.

Price List

Model Price
ASTONISH kitchen cleaner Ruby Grape 750Ml Rs. 1,110
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner Trigger, Citrus Grove, 7… Rs. 850
Astonish Kitchen Cleaner, Ruby Grapefruit, Trigge… Rs. 770
ASTONISH citrus grove kitchen cleaner 750ml Rs. 1,110
Astonish Citrus Grove Kitchen Cleaner 750ml Rs. 880
Astonish Hob Cleaner 235ml Rs. 449
Astonish Bathroom Cleaner 750ml Rs. 880
Astonish Bath Room Cleaner 750ml Rs. 1,100
Astonish Oven Power Spray 750ml Rs. 880