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Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

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Astonish Oxy Plus is a brand of oxygen-based cleaning products primarily used for laundry and household cleaning. It is available in various formats like powder, tablets and sprays and contains sodium percarbonate, which releases oxygen bubbles to break down stains and brighten fabrics. The cleaner can be used with both whites and colours though caution is advised with delicate fabrics.


Oxygen Power

Astonish Oxy Plus sets itself apart from regular cleaners by adopting an oxygen-based cleaning approach. Unlike typical products filled with strong chemicals, this cleaner harnesses the strength of oxygen to efficiently break down and eliminate stains and grime.


A standout feature of Oxy Plus is its versatility. Tailored to suit a wide range of surfaces and materials, from kitchen countertops to bathroom tiles, it provides users with the convenience of a single, multipurpose cleaning solution.

Effective & Chemical Free

Astonish Oxy Plus strikes a unique balance between effectiveness and a less aggressive chemical composition. This makes it a preferred choice for those sensitive to strong chemical odours or individuals seeking a more environmentally friendly option without sacrificing cleaning performance.

Stain-Removing Abilities

Oxy Plus has gained recognition for its outstanding stain-removing capabilities. The oxygen bleach formulation adeptly penetrates stains, breaks them down and facilitates their removal from various surfaces.

This makes it a valuable tool for tackling stubborn stains on fabrics, carpets, and other surfaces.

Eco Friendly

While Astonish Oxy Plus is not the only oxygen-based cleaner on the market, its appeal lies in providing users with a milder environmental impact without compromising on cleaning effectiveness.

It emerges as a cleaner, greener choice for those who prioritize environmentally conscious cleaning solutions.

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