Audionic Ad 7200

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Compare 1,353 prices from 44 stores.

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Rs. 30999 - Rs. 1650000


A notable Audionic speaker is the AD 7200 that is one of the best selling products of the brand. It is a portable 2.1 channel speaker that comes with good sound quality and a compact design. Check out Audionic AD 7200 prices in Pakistan and the features of the speakers on this page. 


Audionic AD 7200 Features

It is one of the popular 2.1 channel battery-operated devices by Audionic. There is an illuminated LED display on these speakers and you will get a subwoofer and two satellite speakers in a complete set. You can connect these speakers to laptop, desktop or T.V. etc.


The Bluetooth integration allows for directly playing music from your smart devices. There are also USB and MIcro SD card slots that can be used for direct music play. These speakers feature an AUX cable jack for devices that do not come with Bluetooth support speakers. You can also listen to FM radio as the speakers come with built-in radio support.

Portability & Accessories

The AD 7200 are portable speakers and can be placed anywhere in the house or outside in the patio. You can pair it with smartphones, laptops, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices and carry it around wherever you go. The speakers can be transported from one place to another easily as they run on batteries. It also includes a mic and a remote for user convenience. 

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