Audionic Classic 5

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Compare 2 prices from 1 stores.

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Rs. 5400 - Rs. 19800


The Classic 5 is one of the popular 2.1 channel battery-operated devices by Audionic. It comes with Bluetooth support and a range of other advanced functions. Check out Audionic Classic 5 prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Bluetooth Speakers

Audionic Classic 5 is one of the popular 2.1 channel Bluetooth speakers by Audionic. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled device to play music. You can attach it with desktop, laptop, smartphones, tabs or T.V.

VFD Display & BassDuct Technology

Audionic Classic 5 speakers come with high quality and vibrant vacuum fluorescent display. These 2.1 channel Bluetooth speakers are integrated with BassDuct technology that is designed to amplify the lower frequency range and provide high bass output. The Classic 5 series of tower speakers are made out of high-quality wood that also enhances the quality of bass. 

Karaoke Function & Remote

There is a karaoke function that can be used for singing along a music track or for entertainment at theparties. You also get a wireless remote that lets you control the device and its output functions wirelessly. 

Memory Card, USB & FM Radio Support

The speakers come with built FM support and also feature USB connectivity. You can connect a USB drive and play MP3 music directly from the USB. There is also an SD/MMC card slot on the speakers that allows you to play MP3 music from your memory card.

Apart from the Classic 5 series of speakers, other notable mentions in the Audionic Bluetooth speakers category are Audionic Classic 6, ECCO 3, AD-6000, AD 7000, AD 7200, AD-6200 Plus but what is good for you entirely depends on your requirements and budget. You can buy these as well as Audionic Classic 5 at the best prices in Pakistan from our trusted online sellers on this page. 


Power 6000w (P.M.P.O)
Frequency 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Bluetooth Range 10 Meters
Drive Unit 6.5 inches
USB Port Yes
Remote Yes
FM Radio Yes
LED Display Yes
Karaoke Port Yes
Micro SD Card Yes
Weight 13.83 kg


The best price of Audionic Classic 5 in Pakistan is Rs. 5,400 and the estimated average price is Rs. 12,600.

Price List

Model Price
Audionic Classic 5 BT Speaker Rs. 19,800
Audionic MH-5 Mehfil Classic Portable Speaker Rs. 5,400