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Compare 458 prices from 23 stores.

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Baseus is a Chinese brand which has a product range that includes chargers, power banks, screen protectors, holders, speakers headphones, hubs, cables and other accessories for portable gadgets. The quality is good and the prices are generally affordable.


Baseus is based in China, with a wide selection of devices that cater to the modern portable device lifestyle. Aside from this, the brand produces some smaller gadgets as well. The design profile of Baseus products is simple with most of them in black, a few in grey or silver and some in white.

The Baseus charging range

The main product at Baseus is their chargers. There are options for wall chargers with single ports or multiple ports if one wants to use them for more than one device simultaneously. One can also opt for wireless chargers if their devices are compatible, these make charging very convenient although comparatively slower than regular charging. Baseus even has wireless charging hubs that incorporate space for multiple devices such as a smartphone, a smartwatch and wireless earbuds. 

The other option for chargers is a range of car chargers which one can use while they are driving. This is very helpful especially if one is using their smartphone for Google Maps, the battery running out would be very inconvenient. Another form of charging Baseus caters to is the power bank kind. The brand has multiple options of various power ratings so one can choose the apt size that would meet their regular needs. This range has a lot of options to choose from. Power capacities go from 5,000 to 8,000, on to 10,000, then comes 20,000, and the highest is at 30,000. The form factors range from slim rectangles to fatter square-shaped ones. The larger capacity ones in a rectangle are also thicker. A lot of the power banks have multiple outputs, with a variation in the port. For instance, there are options that have USB-A, microUSB and USB-C as well; this makes them more widely usable since one could have devices with different kinds of USB cables.

Some of the power banks also have small screens on them so one can see the amount of power available, while others shave small lights to indicate how much power they have left. For Qi-certified devices, one can purchase power banks that have wireless charging so all you need to do is place your device on it and it starts getting charged.

Other Baseus products

Apart from the chargers, Baseus has audio solutions too. This includes portable speakers, headphones and earphones. The portable speakers are smaller in size and are useful to carry along with one while on a picnic or other outings. Most of the options feature multiple modes for media input such as Bluetooth, AUX and TF card. This gives users the ability to carry a lot of media on them via a TF card or make use of either of the other inputs to play their music. The Baseus speakers can also be used to answer your calls if your smartphone is connected to them. A few of the models even have a wireless charging feature built into them. As for the design profile, there is a variation between different cubes or cylindrical shapes and overall the feel is minimal. Buttons are kept to a minimum amount, serving functional purposes.

For more personal audio, Baseus has headphones of the overhead kind and as well as earphones. Some of the earphones are wired, others are the wireless kind. The wireless ones are either the neckband sort or the true wireless buds. Wired options have different porting choices, one can pick something for a regular 3.5mm audio output or a USB-C port as a lot of new smartphones are only giving that as a port. The buds themselves have different options in design, there are the ones that have hooks on top for more sporty environments. These hooks over the ear make sure that your buds don't fall out while you are running, cycling or working out in other ways.

The headphones have wireless abilities but are also built to work with a wire, so in case the battery dies you aren't left without a sound. The batteries on the options range from 8 to 12 hours which is quite a bit of time given the charging times are near 2 hours only.

These various personal audio devices all have the ability to answer calls, so if you get a call while listening to your media it can be put through directly onto your headphones or earphones.

Baseus has screen protectors to save the display of your smartphone from cracking in case it falls. These screen protectors are layered onto the screen and if it does take a hit the protector takes the damage instead of the screen. There are also cases from the brand that fit onto different smartphones, these keep the rest of the body of the smartphone safe.

Making your usage inside a car or on a desk easier, Baseus has holders which keep smartphones held upright. For cars, this is important so one is not holding their smartphone and has both hands free to operate the car with.

Other useful products from Baseus include cables and hubs. The cables let one make use of a varied range of ports and also have converters, such as a 3.5mm audio jack at one end and a USB-C at the other. This is handy for the new devices which come with only USB-C ports. Hubs are a handy extension for one's porting options on their laptops or other devices. This lets you add on more USB ports or and HDMI. Some models even have card readers for the various kinds of SD cards.


Baseus is basically furnishing a segment of the market that is all about functional devices which aid our modern digital lifestyle. The design of Baseus products is in line with the current minimal feel, so they are not gaudy or too loud serving their purpose with poise. With most options the colour is black and some that have grey or silver and white as a choice. The quality is good and the prices of the devices are in the affordable, competitive ranges.

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The best price of Baseus Pakistan in Pakistan is Rs. 799 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,281.

Price List

Model Price
Baseus f01b mouse price in Pakistan Rs. 4,000
Baseus Bowie WM02 Wireless Earphone Rs. 4,999
Baseus WM01 True Wireless Earbud Rs. 4,399
Baseus Mini USB Bluetooth V5.0 BA04 Adapter Rs. 1,699
Baseus Bowie D03 Wireless Headphone Rs. 6,699
Baseus Foldable Magnetic Bracket Rs. 2,399
Baseus Lite 6-Port Type C Multifunction Hub Rs. 5,399
Baseus original power bank Rs. 4,125
Baseus B01 - HDMI Cable 2M Rs. 1,950