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Compare 15 prices from 2 stores.

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A combat sport, boxing is also a great fitness workout and aerobics exercise. Whether you are training to become a professional or just need the equipment for fitness boxing, you have come to the right place. We have high-quality boxing equipment for beginners as well as advanced professionals on our website. To know what items a beginner boxer should own, make sure you read the information on this page before buying the stuff you deem necessary.


Though a dying sport, boxing is still very popular in many countries and is known for bringing in the most Pay Per View money. There is a wide range of equipment that one can buy to complete their boxing set and there is no end to it, but only a handful of items are needed for beginners. You can buy any of the following boxing gears or if budget isn't a problem, you can invest in a good boxing set that includes all the necessary equipment needed for this sport. For affordable options in Pakistan, look for Venum boxing gloves or equipment on Shopsy.

Boxing Equipment for Beginners

The most important item needed for boxing is gloves. Make sure to invest in a high quality and durable pair curated out of leather or synthetic leather with proper padding done with gel or foam. Beginners can use boxing gloves with velcro closures at the wrists for more comfort and convenience. Coaches recommend that beginners use the Velcro-closure at the wrists for added convenience. You can wear any type of shoes or clothes but wearing boxing-specific shoes will provide more traction in the boxing ring. Here are some of the things you may need as a beginner.

1. Boxing Gloves

2. Sandbag

3. Punching bag

4. Protective Headgear

5. Mouth Guard

6. Boxing shoes and clothes

7. Protective vest

Boxing Equipment for Advanced Professionals

The list is endless as there is no end to what you may need as a professional boxer. This is entirely dependant on your personal preferences, your club's rules or your coach's guidelines. As opposed to the velcro closure, most professional boxers opt for laced up gloves that gives them a snug fit and more stability. Here is a list of necessary items for professional boxing.

1. Professional laced up gloves

2. Protective headgear

3. Hand wraps

4. Foot wraps

5. Shin guards

6. Elbow & knee supports or braces

7. Boxing shorts kicking shoes or pads

8. Mouth guards

9. Groin guards

10. Impact absorbing bags (double-ended ball, hanging bag, sandbags, strike mats, teardrop bag, speedball etc)


It is important that you consider all pros and cons related to boxing before investing in professional boxing equipment. Boxing is known to be one of the deadliest sports in the world and each year over 15 boxers die in the ring due to injuries caused during a match. It is also important that you or your child wear all necessary protective gear while training for boxing to ensure safety. 

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The best price of Boxing Equipment in Pakistan is Rs. 799 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,228.

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Sway Professional Boxing Gloves Sb20 L/xl, Leathe… Rs. 11,500
Mcd Twinned Layer Professional Punching Bag, Boxi… Rs. 11,000
Mcd Twinned Layer Professional Punching Bag, Boxi… Rs. 13,500
Punching Ball Speed Ball Boxing Rope Hand Wrap Bo… Rs. 1,998
Boxing Shirt, Boxing Coach, Boxing Coach Gift, Bo… Rs. 799
High Speed Boxing Gear... Rs. 4,995
Hand Wrap Boxing Punching Ball Speed Ball Boxing … Rs. 1,997
Punching Ball Speed Ball Boxing Rope Hand Wrap Bo… Rs. 1,998
Punching Ball Speed Ball Boxing Rope Hand Wrap Bo… Rs. 1,988
Hand Wrap Boxing Punching Ball Speed Ball Boxing … Rs. 2,398