Canon Geyser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Canon Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 15,100 and estimated average price is Rs. 31,526.


A local brand producing Sui Northern Gas approved products. The geyser segment has a whole range, the variety helps you pick something specific to your needs. With storage geysers and instant geysers. The storage geysers have different sizes, as do the instant ones; depending on where you need it to be installed. With electric, gas and electric plus gas combos available.


A homegrown brand

Canon Appliances has been in the market since 1972, starting with an air cooler and then making heaters 1975 onwards. Over the years they have added a lot more products to their range. It is one of the brands whose gas products are approved by Sui Northern Gas as safe products. 

Storage geysers from Canon

The range has older style gas-powered storage geysers that heat up water and keep it stored in a tank, maintaining the temperature by firing up as soon as it drops below the set degree. These geysers are available in different sizes, from 12 gallons to 55 gallons. The second type of storage geyser uses electricity to heat up the water and keep it stored, ready for usage. A 3rd version is the gas+electric storage geyser, these are used in Pakistan often as gas levels drop in winters making it difficult to have hot water. The electric component can make up for this lack of gas if needed. 

Instant geysers from Canon

Instant geysers are very convenient, the water is heated as it flows through them. This ability also means they can essentially warm an unlimited amount of water. In size also they are smaller, making them easier to install in smaller spaces or homes. These instant versions also have 2 power sources, gas or electricity. The gas one is installed outside despite its size, as the area needs to be ventilated. Instant geysers have features to manage safety as well if the temperature of the geyser spikes too much the geyser shuts off the gas supply. As water pressure can vary in different places there is also a safety valve attached in case of high hydraulic pressure. Other smaller safety features are also in place to keep the geyser in check.

Which geyser you want to purchase depends on the needs of the space, whether many people use it or fewer or there isn't room for the larger storage geyser units. Electric geysers have a higher running cost in comparison to the gas counterparts. The prices of Canon geysers also vary depending on type and size.

Price List

Model Price
Canon Instant Geyser 16DD PLUS Plus Geyser 8 Litt… Rs. 19,990
Canon 20D Plus Instant Water Geyser Rs. 26,699
Canon Fast Electric Water Heater 25 liter 25LCF Rs. 26,999
Canon GWH-35 Classic 35 Gallons Rs. 39,999
Canon Electric Water Heater 10 LTR 10LCI Rs. 18,500
Canon GWH-24D Plus Instant Water Geyser Rs. 30,199
Canon INS-1002 10L Dual Ignition Water Heater Rs. 26,000
EWH-15JMC Canon Plastic Body Fast Electric Water … Rs. 25,999
Canon Instant Gas Water Heater 16D Plus Dual Igni… Rs. 18,700
Canon 25LCF Electric Geyser Rs. 27,999
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