Carnauba Wax

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Compare 3 prices from 3 stores.

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Rs. 960 - Rs. 3500


This is a kind of wax used in many products, including car waxes used to polish the body of a car. There are many brands that use carnauba wax in their car waxes. The prices of these waxes vary depending on the brand, some are relatively cheap while others cost much more.


Carnauba Wax

Also known as Brazil wax and palm wax, carnauba wax is extracted from the leaves of the carnauba palm; a plant that is native to northeastern Brazil and only grown there. It is also called the 'queen of waxes'. This wax can produce a glossy finish if it is used to polish, which is why it is used in shoe polish, car polish and other such products. On its own, it is too brittle which is why it needs to be mixed with other ingredients such as beeswax or turpentine to create the correct texture for use.

Due to the fact that carnauba wax is a hypoallergenic and emollient, it is commonly found in cosmetics as well. 

Car polish with carnauba wax

The most common reference to carnauba wax is in relation to car wax or polish. The term is near interchangeable with car wax. The reason polish is used, aside from the obvious shine, is that it creates a hydrophobic layer which repels water. This is good for the body of a car as it is made from metals.

The known brands that use carnauba wax in their products include Meguiar's, Scholl, Mothers and Biturbo. Others are Bullsone, Formula 1, Shinex and Turtle.


One can find carnauba wax for cars that is in the cheaper range, but also some which are quite expensive. You can choose based on the specific polish you want and your budget.

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The best price of Carnauba Wax in Pakistan is Rs. 960 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,820.

Price List

Model Price
Dunlop Bodygloss 65 Cream of Carnauba Wax uses th… Rs. 3,500
Formula1 High Performance Carnauba Was & Wax, 473… Rs. 960
Carnauba Wash & Wax car shampoo 473ml Rs. 1,000