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The best price of Face Wax Strips in Pakistan is Rs. 185 and estimated average price is Rs. 568.


Face wax ensures that men and women are able to remove hair from sensitive areas such as eyebrows, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck without scaring, burns or inflammation. Using a wax that is designed for the body can result in discolouration, burn and breaking out of pimples.


Sensitive Skin

The fruit additive into face wax ensures that the heating temperature is lower that is safer to use preventing unwanted burns or inflammation. Face wax has a thicker consistency that can be applied directly with a finger or wide wooden spatula designed for precise application so that users are able to remove tiny hair without applying too much pressure.

The softer texture of the wax leaves the skin smooth and soft. There are various types of face wax with essential aloe vera, fruit, honey or lemon additives that help condition the skin while removing dead skin. Face wax can be used on other sensitive areas of the body such as underlegs and armpits.

It is available in the form of cold wax strips that are smaller in size and easy to handle around difficult areas such as the lips, nose and eyebrows. Cold face wax strips are no mess and are ready to use out of the packaging saving you time and energy with no need to preheat the wax or risk of getting burned. The hypoallergenic properties of face wax ensure that no bacteria or germs negatively affect the skin during the application and peeling of the wax.

Price List

Model Price
Byly Depil Mint And Green Tea Hair Removal Face W… Rs. 695
Jessica Quick Hair Removing Lemon Wax For Face & … Rs. 740
Jessica Quick Hair Removing Ice Wax For Face & Bo… Rs. 740
Rica Italy Lemon Face Wax Strip Contain 20 Strips… Rs. 270
Depileve Disposable Face Wax Strips 100pc Rs. 490
Face Wax Strips Rs. 532
Derma Shine Aloe Vera Face Wax Strip - 20 Strips Rs. 250
Derma shine face wax strips Rs. 389
Glamorous Face 25 Meter Wax Strip Roll, Professio… Rs. 499
RICA Aloe Vera Cold Face Wax Strip, All Skin Type… Rs. 475
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