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The best price of Charlie Perfume Blue in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,470.


Charlie Blue is a perfume for women from the Revlon cosmetics brand; it is an aromatic and earthy scent with some floral notes as well. This perfume was released in 1973 and is a very affordable option. This makes it ideal for something that can be used daily or applied copiously.


Revlon is one of the largest cosmetics brands; it also has fragrances available in the collection. Charlie Blue is a perfume that comes from the brand.

Charlie Blue Perfume

Launched in 1973, Charlie Blue has a good mix of aromatics, earthiness and florals. Providing a well-balanced fragrance that can be used at many different times, this versatility is great.

The top notes are sweet anise and fresh tarragon. The middle is made from lighter notes that include peach, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium, hyacinth and carnation. This middle layer is what lends a lot of the aromatic and floral tone Charlie Blue has. At the base, we find the earthiness; a layer that constitutes cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss, vanilla, warm musk and orris root.

These notes combined make a perfume of sophistication, providing users with a great mixture of scents that play off their skin. There are women who have been a fan of Charlie Blue perfume since it came out in the 1970s.

It is often associated with all the seasons, save a lesser resonance with summer. This is, however, a matter of personal choice; one could wear it whenever they feel like.


Charlie Blue Perfume by Revlon is available for very affordable prices, this makes it an ideal purchase for someone with a limited budget, or if one needs something for daily wear that they can apply copiously.

Price List

Model Price
Charlie Blue Perfume - 100ml Rs. 389
Charlie Blue Perfume - 100ml Rs. 389
Charlie Blue Perfume For Women - 100 Ml Rs. 299
Charlie Perfume Blue for Men & Women 100ml Rs. 850
Charlie Blue Perfume - 100ml Rs. 389
Revlon - Charlie Blue for Women 100ml Rs. 1,494
Revlon Charlie Blue Eau De Toilette For Women 100… Rs. 5,403
Charlie Blue Perfume For Women - 100 Ml Rs. 299
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