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The best price of Clay Pot in Pakistan is Rs. 1,455 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,127.


Pots made out of clay are glazed, half glazed or unglazed earthenware and are also called terra cotta or redware. We have a wide range of pots and pans made out of clay on our website. Check clay pot prices in Pakistan and read on the different ways you can use them in today's modern world.


Clay Pots Uses & Types

Though considered a thing of the past, they look refreshingly unique and give retro vibes when used in modern households. Pakistani cuisine uses such spices and preparations that make it perfect for cooking in clay utensils. Clayware can be used in a variety of ways mentioned ahead. 

1. Clay Cooking Pots

Clay cooking pots are traditionally called Handi in Pakistan and they came with steel or clay lids. The modern clay cooking pots come with glass lids or lids made out of the same material as the pot. Since they are made out of clay there are no toxic chemicals involved in curating them. Experts believe there are only beneficial nutrients that can get transferred to the food while cooking in clay cookware. This safe to use and eco-friendly cookware can be used on all kitchen appliances, stoves and with all types of foods. They are great for slow-cooked Pakistani meals like stews, nihari, paye, haleem, beans, soups etc. Unlike other cookware, the porous nature of clay distributes heat and moisture perfectly, allowing the food to cook evenly, preserving the taste and flavours. This keeps the food moist without burning it. Cleaning is also a breeze with earthen cookware as opposed to other types of cookware.

2. Clay Dinnerware

Small and large bowls, plates and pots made out clay are convenient to clean eating utensils for everyday home use. Though they are not too durable as they can break if dropped but if used with care, they can last longer than plastic utensils. They are also safe to use and eco-friendly alternative to melamine or plastic dinnerware.

3. Clay Fondue Pot

Other than cooking, clay pots are also used for serving food while keeping them hot. Fondue pots are communal pots and are extremely versatile vessels that have greatly evolved over the years. They are mostly made out of metal but the clay variety has been used for ages. Clay fondue pots can be used to melt and serve hot molten cheese, chocolate, sauces, dips, gravies, soups etc.

4. Clay Tea Pot 

Clay teapots exude a vintage feel and you can buy them in individual pieces or buy a whole tea set that includes matching cups, saucers, milk pot, creamer and sugar pot. In some cases, the sets may also include dessert plates or bowls etc made out of clay. The teapots can be plain, printed or come with gold and metal accents. Though the teapot culture is slowly fading away, it is still very much used in places where there is a tradition of drinking infused tea. Most Pakistani and Chinese households use tea sets that include all accessories and crockery that are required for serving tea. They come in many designs, sizes, materials and colours. 

5. Clay Pot for Decoration

Vessels made out of clay can be placed around different spots in the house for decorations. The heavily embellished and brightly painted pots are used for mayoon and mehndi decor in Pakistan. Different types of clay are used for decorative pots such as the micaceous clay. Due to the presence of mica, this clay has a beautiful glittery surface and doesn't need glazing.

6. Clay Pot for Pickles

Clay utensils are amongst the best vessels for storing and preparing pickles. They have been used since ancient times in Pakistani villages. Ladies of the house prepare large clay pots for making pickles and then keep them in a cool dark place to preserve and store them. Clay has cooling

7. Clay Water Set

The ancient style of pots used for drinking and storing water, a clay water set can have a clay jug with or without lid, glasses and water cooler with a lid. More modern designs come with a tap for easy dispensing of water. Clay has cooling properties and the porous nature allows for the water to stay fresh and cool for long. 

8. Clay Flower & Plant Pots

While crystal flower pots look stylish and sophisticated, flower pots and planters made out of clay are evergreen and never go out of fashion. They can be left undecorated or can be brightly painted and embellished to match the interior decor of the house. 

Tips & Comments

Earthenware is great for home decor, cooking and eating from etc but they aren't the most durable materials out there. You can break them to pieces if they are dropped. Also, the clay material deteriorates over time especially the textured and painted ones. So make sure to replace them after a few years or as soon as you start noticing signs of deterioration.

You can buy high quality glazed or unglazed clay pots from this page and use them however you like. We have a wide collection of earthenware, cookware, decorative items, pots and planters on our website. Keep visiting this page for newer designs and exclusive deals on different types of clay bowls and pots.

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