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A traditional garb from the Subcontinent, a kurta is comfortable and airy. Going back to the Ghaznavid period, the style arrived from Central Asia to South Asia. A denim kurta is a more modern style.


The Kurta

Kurtas have a simple design, the arms do not have cuffs and the collar is also supposed to be a hemmed hole. Some modern designs do have a band collar. The length is till the knees and overall the cut is supposed to be straight lines.

A kurta is generally a loose garment, but modern iterations do make them more form-fitting at times.


Denim is usually a tough material but there are also thinner versions available. A kurta can be made from such denim. The colours could vary but generally, denim is available in different variations of blue.

Kurtas are available at different price points, depending on the brand.

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