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The best price of Dunhill Men Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs. 170 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,422.


A male-centric brand, Dunhill caters to the classic style of men, from the era of leather and when cars were just making waves in the world. A brand that progressed from being a saddle maker into a luxury items house. Their shops have a gentlemen's club feel, with cigars and a bar. The fragrance range is full of options for men; with prices that range from the mid to top level.


Dunhill the brand

"Everything but the motor" a tag line that Dunhill has used for the definition of their brand, making accessories for men interested in motorsports. The current style line was started in 1893 when Alfred Dunhill inherited his father's saddle business. Already in the line of leathers, he went on to make items in use by motorists, it was the right time as cars were getting all the fame possible.

Over the years Dunhill moved into the luxury good business, within that spectrum they also started a line of fragrances. A brand essentially for men, the fragrance line has only one scent for women - Desire for a Woman from 2001.

Dunhill men's perfumes

The first fragrance by Dunhill is the original 'Dunhill for Men', a scent that was released in 1934. In line with the brand image, the most powerful base note present was leather.

Over the years Dunhill has produced many men's perfumes, with their general leaning towards being musky. With lots of woodsy tones layered on with spices and fruits. They are able to be fresh and yet have a deep sense of wholesomeness; in tune with the modern man.

One of the most successful lines by Dunhill has been their Dunhill Desire range, the original Red and the later Blue were internationally known for a good decade. Even today this line is famous.


The Dunhill men's perfume range has quite a lot of options, they cater to the classic style of men harkening back a bygone era; think James Bond. The character also used to use Dunhill lighters in the movies and in print.

The fragrances are complex concoctions designed to make the user feel more confident, accentuating their gentle masculinity. Providing a full experience and not just a scent. The prices of Dunhill's men's perfumes are from the mid to high range.

Price List

Model Price
Dunhill Desire (Our Impression) Rs. 1,100
Dunhill Driven Blue Men EDT 100ML Rs. 8,100
Dunhill Desire Black Men Edt 100Ml Rs. 6,675
Century For Men By Dunhill Eau De Parfum Spray 13… Rs. 8,800
Dunhill London Desire Blue Eau De Toilette For Me… Rs. 6,423
Icon Absolute For Men By Dunhill Eau De Parfum Sp… Rs. 12,500
Dunhill Desire Gold Edt 100ml Rs. 7,000
Desire Extreme For Men By Dunhill Eau De Toilette… Rs. 6,800
Dunhill London Icon Racing EDP For Men 100ml Rs. 11,900
Dunhill Edition For Men By Dunhill Eau De Toilett… Rs. 6,800
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