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The best price of Fleece Jacket in Pakistan is Rs. 499 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,846.


Fleece is a man-made synthetic material that is lightweight and warm. It is often used to make jackets or jacket liners. The fabric was not patented originally which is why it was available for cheap and became very common. Sadly, despite its usability, fleece has a severe drawback of adding microfibres to our oceans with each wash. The price of fleece jackets is in the lower ranges, but certain better brands do cost a lot more.



Fleece is a synthetic fabric made from polyester that was designed by the famous apparel brand Patagonia and Malden Mills, a textile producer. Originally it was called Synchilla, a way to say 'synthetic chinchilla'. Fleece is a pile fabric that was made to replicate and perhaps perform better than wool. The fabric was not patented by the then CEO of Malden Mills, Aaron Feuerstein. This allowed for fleece to be produced widely and thus cheaply as well, making it common in the market fast.

The fabric is soft and makes for comfortable wear.

Fleece Jacket

Given its ability to contain heat in the many micro pockets, fleece is often used for jackets. It is also lightweight making it even more efficient. The material that beats its warmth by weight is down. Fleece jackets provide ample thermal insulation but do not work well against wind or rain as they are not weatherproof. It would be akin to a sweater made from synthetic material and one would need another layer on top if the weather is more intense.

Fleece jackets can be bought in many different colours and patterns, as well as styles. Typically a fleece jacket will have a zipper in front. Various designs have pockets as well. The fact that there are a host of brands producing fleece jackets the cut, design, colours and all other elements vary a lot.

Environmental considerations

Research in the early 2000s showed that microfibres from fleece were present in the oceans. Each wash causes thousands of these little fibres to break from the fabric and then end up in the seas through drainage. These make their way to the stomachs of fish, bind to chemical pollutants and become toxic. Eventually, humans consume the fish, along with microfibres too.

Of course, there are other items in our world that contribute to the amount of plastic fibres in the seas, but fleece clothing plays a substantial role in all this. This is also why Patagonia, one of the two originators of fleece, told people to not buy their fleece jackets in an ad campaign from 2011. Despite them using recycled materials to produce them, the environmental cost was still too great to mitigate.


Generally, fleece jackets are available for cheaper rates. Of course, this depends on the brand, so something from a more well-known brand would cost a lot more.

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Polo Republica Women's Signature Pony Embroidered… Rs. 1,449
Polo Republica Minor Fault Classic Brushed Polar … Rs. 799
Polo Republica Women's Nasa Polar Fleece Zipper J… Rs. 1,469
Polo Republica Women's Good Enough Embroidered Po… Rs. 999
Fleece Jacket Rs. 2,737.50
Premium Quality Black Pull-Over "Animated" Printe… Rs. 1,299
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