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The best price of Parachute Jacket in Pakistan is Rs. 1,799 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,740.


A jacket made from parachute material which is essentially a nylon-based fabric. This material helps keep one protected from the cold wind, helping retain body heat inside the insulating layers. Many different brands produce parachute jackets, including no-name brands. The prices vary a lot, with options ranging from the lower end to the top end.


Parachute jacket

Protection from the wind-chill factor can be a very important feature for jackets. Leather was the original material for such protection but it is heavy and can be tiring to wear for extended periods, especially if there is a lot of padding for insulation as well. Once nylon became common and was used for parachutes, it became clear that it would be useful for jackets that help with wind protection.

A parachute jacket helps keep all the chilly air out so one isn't losing heat to it, this lets one be properly insulated from the cold. The layers of padding are mostly goose feather or fleece, this keeps the inner side cosy while the parachute material protects from the outside.

Some people also refer to parachute jackets as windcheaters or windbreakers, alluding to their ability to keep the wearer protected from a chilly breeze. Originally though the term windbreaker referred to a gaberdine jacket from the John Rissman company of Chicago.


There are a lot of different variations of parachute jackets, the designs can range from the bomber jacket to a varsity jacket. Many parachute jackets also have hoodies as they are designed for extreme conditions and are used by mountaineers or trekkers. A hood is very useful to keep one's head protected from the cold in such situations.

There are of varying levels of insulation as well, one can find something that would be ideal for a pleasant evening or thicker variants that would be needed for trekking at higher altitudes.


Parachute jackets are very useful, the material also is generally a bit water repellant so minor amounts of rain can also be managed by it. This is the ideal item to keep along for when you know it will be really cold and windy.

The price of a parachute jacket varies from brand to brand, one can find something from the lower range to something that is a lot more expensive. Most of the known brands produce their versions of parachute jackets. Locally, Breakout, Monark and a few others make them too.

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Model Price
Brown Leather Puffer Parachute Jacket For Men Rs. 2,999
Maroon Leather Puffer Parachute Jacket For Men Rs. 2,999
Black Leather Puffer Parachute Jacket For Men Rs. 3,299
Waterproof rain coat for bike/ lite waterproof ra… Rs. 1,990
Black Leather Puffer Parachute Jacket For Men Rs. 3,499
Waterproof rain coat for bike/ lite waterproof ra… Rs. 4,997
Sleeveless Navy Parachute Jacket Rs. 3,750
Ladies Blue Sleeveless Parachute Jacket For Women Rs. 2,999
Casual Parachute Zipper Jacket Rs. 3,337.50
Casual Parachute Zipper Jacket Rs. 2,362.50
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