Gillette Shaving Kit Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gillette Shaving Kit in Pakistan is Rs. 1,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,810.


Aside from selling individual items for shaving, Gillette also makes shaving kits that include all the needed shaving accessories. This is kind of like a value pack. The price of this shaving kit is mid-range.


The Gillette brand

A name that goes hand in hand with shaving, Gillette is known for its safety razors and other personal care products. The brand started in 1901, it is often credited with being the first to sell cheaper handles and have blades available separately but this is not true. It did, however, become the most successful such brand. Today Gillette is owned by Procter & Gamble, the conglomerate behind many such commercially known care items in the world. 

Gillette shaving kit

The shaving kit option from Gillette is a way to buy all the needed items for shaving in one go. This is similar to a value pack; it helps one save a little bit on their shaving.

Gillette's shaving kit has various options and the brand keeps releasing a newer version with their new razors.

What is inside a Gillette shaving kit

Starting at the most basic item, the razor. Gillette includes any one of their razors, one can find a Gillette Vector, A Gillette Blue 3 or another. There is a blade case that has the extra blade heads. For the shaving process, one can find shaving foam along with a shaving brush to spread it out onto their face with.

The last item is either an aftershave balm from Gillette or their deodorant.

Shaving kits that cost a little more have a small pouch made of synthetic material to carry your shaving items in case one is travelling. 


The price of a Gillette shaving kit varies depending on what the items inside are. If it is a more costly razor the overall price also increases. Generally, the price is mid-range in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Gillette 4-in-1 Shaving Kit For Men - 975 Rs. 1,999
Gillette 5-in-1 Shaving Kit - Code 931 Rs. 2,499
Gillette Shaving Fusion Kit 5 Pcs Rs. 3,245
Gillete and Brut Shaving Kit Gift for Him Rs. 3,499
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