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The best price of Glue Gun in Pakistan is Rs. 15 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,000.


A glue gun is a device that is used to melt glue sticks for easy and long-lasting adhesion of small to large objects.  Art and crafts lovers frequently use glue guns for quick and mess-free patch-ups and crafty projects. These glueing devices are available at affordable prices in Pakistan.

Pros & Cons


  • Adheres and dries quickly

  • Helps create artful projects

  • Can be used for quick patch-ups 


  • User safety is a concern

  • Not as strong as industrial level glue


With a glue gun, you can do many artful DIY projects and can turn simple things into whole new objects such as you can decorate a plain vase with hot glue and give it a textured effect. You can also do basic repairs with it such as sticking broken toys back together. Other fun things that you can do with this device is securing patches, rhinestones and other accessories to your outfit, making jewellery, felt flowers and crayon art by inserting crayons instead of glue sticks into the gun. 

Safety Guidelines

Using a glue gun is pretty simple but remember to follow safety guidelines, as the glue that comes out is piping hot and can instantly give you blisters and severe heat damage. Every time you use it, the nozzle should be thoroughly cleaned before even plugging it into the electric socket. This is done to make sure not to leave any residue from the previous application and to clear the path for the melted glue that will ooze out of the gun. Remember, never to use water to clean your device as it can result in hazardous consequences. 

Type of Glue Used

The glue used is a thermoplastic adhesive that comes in the form of cylindrical sticks. It melts instantly because of the constant heating mechanism of this glueing device and solidifies within seconds, making adhesion very easy and quick.

User Manual

The manual that comes along with the gun assists the users in selecting the size and shape of the glue sticks. it also informs the users as to what materials can the gun is recommended for and how long does it take to heat up completely.

Cordless Models

Newer glue gun models are cordless, allowing you more freedom to work and move as you like, without worrying about pulling the cord from the socket.

Price List

Model Price
20W Glue Gun - High Temperature Glue Gun Kit Rs. 399
Artisan - Pack Of 50 - 7mm For Small Glue Gun Sti… Rs. 599
Artisan - Pack Of 10 - 7mm For Small Glue Gun Sti… Rs. 119
Artisan - Pack Of 20 - 7mm For Small Glue Gun Sti… Rs. 229
Glue gun Rs. 1,680
Harden 660371 Hot Melt Glue Gun Rs. 1,640
Glue Gun Large - 240V - for 11 mm Large glue stic… Rs. 544
Artisan - Pack Of 50 - 7mm For Small Glue Gun Sti… Rs. 599
Cool Boy Mart Hot Glue Gun Black Rs. 1,600
Total Glue Gun 11.2cm TACGT2061 Rs. 1,058
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