Heat Gun Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Heat Gun in Pakistan is Rs. 1,760 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,010.


A tool that blows out hot air to be used for various purposes in handy work. Heat guns are available for mid-range prices.


Heat Gun

Shaped like a gun, but instead of bullets, it sends out very hot air; therefore the simple name. The temperature of the air can be from 100 °C to 550 °C, some more powerful models can run up to 760 °C. A heat gun consists of a heating source and a blower, the heat source can be electronic and with some few models, there are gas-based heat sources.

Heat guns can have temperature dials on them but this isn't always the case, a lot of models just have a stock setting that cannot be changed.

A hairdryer is essentially a less powerful form of a heat gun.

Uses of a heat gun

Various heat guns, based on amount of heat and the shape of the nozzle, are used for different purposes. The uses include stripping paint, bending plastic pipes, shrink wrap packing, weld plastics, thaw frozen pipes, soften adhesives and more.

A lesser use is to test the overheating mechanism of a system to simulate overheating conditions.

In case one is removing paint that has lead in it the temperature should be below 590 °C, so as to reduce vapourisation. Lead is harmful to humans and a vapourised form can be inhaled, later causing health issues.


Given the temperatures a heat gun can reach, it needs to be handled with care as one could sustain serious injury. Do not operate one if you are sleepy or drowsy due to medicines. One should wear protective equipment if the specific situation requires it.

A heat gun can be bought at mid-range prices in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Crown CT-19007 Heat Gun 2000W Rs. 6,900
Black & Decker KX1650-QS Heat Gun Rs. 5,760
Heat gun Rs. 6,450
Tool Shop Black Decker 1750W Heat Gun - 4527 Rs. 9,999
INGCO Heat Gun 2000W Rs. 5,999
Dongcheng DQB2100 Heat Gun Rs. 4,470
DCA AQB 1600 Hot Heat Gun Rs. 3,190
INGCO Heat Gun 2000W Rs. 8,499
Dongcheng DQB04-2000 Heat Gun Rs. 4,350
Black&Decker Heat Gun 1600W KX1683 Rs. 7,792
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