Hitachi Refrigerators Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Hitachi Refrigerators in Pakistan is Rs. 126,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 268,705.


Hitachi is a global Japanese brand that has been in the business for over a hundred years now. Hitachi has a range of premium quality refrigerators to offer. The refrigerators are equipped with no frost and inverter technology and are efficient and high performing. Hitachi also integrates dual fan cooling, and vacuum preservation compartments in its refrigerators that keep the food items fresh-tasting for a long time. Check Hitachi refrigerators prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


The refrigerators by Hitachi come with height adjustable tempered glass shelves and separate vegetable compartments. The designs are modernistic and unique as compared to conventional top freezers that do not have a bottom freezer and automatic ice maker. R600a is the refrigerant used in all Hitachi refrigerators and there is a LED display panel that adds to the beauty and sophistication of these appliances. 

Hitachi Refrigerator Types

The brand offers refrigerators in Side by Side, French-style three-door, French bottom freezer and full glass door designs. The vacuum sealing prevents cold air from directly coming in contact with the refrigerated food items, preserving their freshness for a long time. There are also water and ice dispenser that eliminates the need for having a full-sized water dispenser separately.

Pricing, Capacity & Doors

When it comes to price, Hitachi is an affordable brand for refrigerators but it depends on the design and features of the appliance. The fridge collection is available in capacities ranging from 300 litres to 700 litres and above. The design can have a single door to up to 4 door refrigerators. 

Inverter Technology & Eco Thermo Sensor

Hitachi refrigerators are equipped with inverter technology so they save energy consumption and reduce electricity bills. The Eco Thermo Sensor works in conjunction with the inverter technology and provides constant cooling while managing to save electricity. 

Mouldproof Door Gasket

The door gaskets can catch unwanted mould due to low-quality design. Hitachi takes special care in designing its appliances and the door gaskets that are mould proof and easy to clean.  

Nano Titanium Filter

Bad odour is a common problem with most refrigerators of other brands but Hitachi's nano titanium filter technology ensures freshness and no foul smell inside the fridge. It deodorizes the inside air of the fridge and eliminates odour causing bacteria.

Hitachi offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor and a 1-year warranty on the refrigerators. You can easily buy Hitachi refrigerators at the best prices in Pakistan on our website.

Price List

Model Price
Hitachi Refrigerator RVG760PUK7 Rs. 305,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RVG710PUK7 Glass Series (GBK… Rs. 295,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RS800PUK7 GBK Side By Side Rs. 390,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RWB-570 GBK French Door Rs. 305,000
Hitachi Freezer On Top Refrigerator R V560P3MS Rs. 145,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RB410PUK BSL Rs. 210,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RV460P8PB Steel Series (BSL) Rs. 195,000
Hitachi Refrigerator R V630P3MS Rs. 210,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RV760PUK7 Steel Series (BBK,… Rs. 305,000
Hitachi Refrigerator RVG560P7PB Glass Series (GBK… Rs. 275,000
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