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The best price of Hot Shapers Belt in Pakistan is Rs. 259 and estimated average price is Rs. 571.


The official Hot Shapers Belt's website shows the device as an effective waist shaper for men and women. Those who struggle to gain fast results from their cardio workout and gym routines will be able to push their body by wearing the belt for 45 minutes to one hour.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap

  • Fast

  • Easy to wear

  • Available in Small, Medium, large and Extra Large Sizes


  • Dehydration

  • Temporary

  • Not as effective without dieting and exercise


The Hot Belt is a fitness belt or a Waist Trimmer Belt that is designed to ensure fast results in reducing body fat and increasing weight loss. It is worn around the stomach and some versions have a high-quality zip in the front to hold it in place. The traditional belt is locked together with velcro strips that are comfortable to wear while walking, running or sitting. 

Latest Upgrades

Upgraded the traditional spandex belt that closed with velcro and had more breathable material, the Hot Shapers Belt has improved the design with a stylish upgrade. The belt can be worn directly on the skin or over a tank top during a workout at the gym or home. The Hot Shapers manufacturers claim that the belt will improve your weight loss results by helping the body to sculpt and shape by engaging the muscles throughout the workout. 

How does it work?

Meant to quickly heat the muscles around the waist and maintain an aligned back aiding in burning more calories. The Neotex technology used inside the belts is designed keeping in mind the targeted areas that need support in burning more fat. It uses compression along with the flexibility to perform a variety of high endurance exercises.

Fast Results

It promises to feel like a second skin on the body without causing discomfort. With the Hot Shapers Belt, you can avoid any unwanted bone or muscle injuries as it quickly helps the body achieve blood circulation enabling the user to avoid exhaustion and fatigue. 

Directions & Tips

There will be an increased percentage of overall sweat while wearing the belt. It has moisture-wicking technology that retains the sweat inside keeping the waist engaged and active. The loose cellulite around the stomach can feel ugly and loose, the belt helps tighten the skin over time. Sweating during a workout helps keep the heart rate high and the body in fat burning zone.

Price List

Model Price
Soft Slim Sweat Belt for Men & Women Hot Body Sha… Rs. 549
Slimming Belt Hot Shaper Sweat Slim Belt Fat Cutt… Rs. 399
Hot Shapers Slimming Belt For Men Women - Black &… Rs. 400
Slimming Belt Hot Shaper Sweat Slim Belt Fat Cutt… Rs. 399
Combo Offer Twister Disc And Hot Shapper Belt Rs. 1,000
Slimming Belt Hot Shaper Sweat Slim Belt Fat Cutt… Rs. 399
Hot Shapers Hot Shapper Neotex Belt - Black for … Rs. 399
Slimming Belt Hot Shaper Sweat Slim Belt Fat Cutt… Rs. 390
Hot Shapers Belt Buy 1 Get 1 Free Rs. 800
combo pack Hot Shaper Belt and twister disc mach… Rs. 1,000
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