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The best price of Hp Color Printer in Pakistan is Rs. 21,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 122,873.


HP is one of the top producers of printers. With enough variety to meet almost any needs, including printers that print in colour. From small portable image printers to plotters for printing large architectural drafts, all of which have models that can print in colour. The range includes DeskJet, LaserJet, OfficeJet, Tango, Sproket and DesignJet. Giving you enough options and price variations to pick from, generally, HP produces high-end printers with a price to match the quality.


HP in the printer market

A brand established in the 1930s producing electronics, among their products are printers that have a few different lines. Hp has developed printers for a diverse market keeping in mind the needs of different segments and making use of their innovation to stay among the top producers of commercial printers. Keeping with the times Hp essentially started wireless printing and the ability to use your smartphone to send documents to print. With a few printers that are able to connect to Amazon Echo and Google Home, entering the smart era of voice commands to get your tasks done by technology.

Within the various lines, HP has may models that print in colour.

DeskJet Vs LaserJet

Hp's DeskJet name is being used for printers that are known as ink-jet printers and are a common machine for simple usage at home or in the office. This range uses ink which is heated and then sprayed onto a page which is why a lot of times with DeskJets the page is a little damp when it comes out. LaserJet printers work better with a larger scale operation if you have more documents to print. In comparison to DeskJets, the LaserJets are a lot faster but the DeskJet wins out if you need to print images in colour as it has better quality for such.

With the LaserJet toner, most of the moving parts are inside it, so whenever you change it you essentially change out a whole mini system and the parts prone to wear & tear are gone. If your printer has been out of use for a long time the LaserJet will also do better there as the 'ink' is a dry powder form so it doesn't get clogged up.

OfficeJet printers for more tasks

The OfficeJet is basically a larger DeskJet designed to print over a network so it can handle more tasks as is usually the case in an office environment. The Hp OfficeJet series also has a lot of all-in-one units that allow you to fax, photocopy, scan and print. Making it an all-round device to run an office, also making it more costly as it has a lot more components and features. But having one of these could help you with more than just the office printing. Or if you have one at home in the study it will save space and do the work of 3 machines.

Compact printers

To keep the 'casual' user at bay there is the Hp Tango series, designed specifically with smartphones in mind. Letting you send files and images for print through WiFi and allowing the user to use their camera as a scanner with the Hp App. You can print a document from right in front of you. Another smaller printer that is designed just for image printing under the Hp Sproket line, around the size of a bulky smartphone. This is kind of like having a polaroid camera on you that prints colour images on the fly.

Commercial level plotters

For all the areas they cover Hp hasn't left out plotting, large scale printing on sheets for architects and designers with the ability to put out a great length of paper as it is in roll form making it ideal for CAD drafts or poster in colour. The DesignJet printers use large rolls of paper with a width of 42 inches or 24 inches.


Depending on your budget and of course the printing requirements you have you can pick a colour printer from HP's range. They have it all covered. The prices are high and the larger printers cost even more, especially the potters.

Price List

Model Price
HP DeskJet 2710 wifi printer Ink Advantage wifi W… Rs. 23,499
HP DeskJet 2710 wifi printer Ink Advantage wifi W… Rs. 22,999
HP Color LaserJet 150a Printer Rs. 94,549
Hp Deskjet 2710 Ink Advantage Wifi Printer All-in… Rs. 21,999
HP MFP 179fnw Color Laser Printer Rs. 154,999
Hp Color LaserJet Pro - M454dw Printer Rs. 204,900
HP M452dn (CF389A) Color LaserJet Pro Rs. 95,700
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw Multifunction Pr… Rs. 107,900
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP - M183FDW Rs. 164,900
HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw (T6B80A) Rs. 67,650
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