Marble Dinner Set Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Marble Dinner Set in Pakistan is Rs. 1,950 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,079.


Dinner sets can be made out of a variety of materials, marble being one of them, is a modern and stylish trend. Check out marble dinner set prices in Pakistan and read on for more information. You can choose from a wide collection of designs on this page and impress your guests with trendy looking crockery.


Pakistani women love hosting parties and take pride in serving mouth-watering food to their guests in exquisite looking crockery. They have a penchant for collecting different sets of tableware for ordinary days, special events, special guests, in all, for every occasion. Guests also consider it a token of respect to be served in beautifully crafted crockery with intricate designs and stunning colours. 

Marble Dinner Set Brands in Pakistan

Dinnerware is the focal point of your dining table. When used according to the theme or occasion, they can enhance the beauty and symmetry of your tabletop. Special occasions like Eid, New Year, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. call for more intricate-looking crockery with formal designs and beautiful colours. Marble plates and serving dishes with metal ornamentation look out of this world but are fragile and need to be handled carefully. Fuoco, Corelle, Hankook Korea, Pioneer and Prestige are brands that sell durable marble dinner sets at affordable prices in Pakistan.

Marble Dinner Set Designs

Dinner sets come in a variety of designs, shapes, colours, materials and number of pieces. Marble is considered formal, modern and stylish. It can plain or have gold accents and edging. They range from formal, elegant, seasonal to informal and daily use sets. From being as small as comprising three pieces including a full plate, cup and saucer, dinnerware can be as extensive as having more than 75 pieces of crockery. Earlier, people preferred crockery in round shapes only but the modern-day dinnerware comes in a huge variety of interesting shapes and styles such as oval, square, triangle, rectangle, tear-drop, curved ends etc.


While marble crockery does look beautiful and elegant, it is not one of the most durable dinnerware out there. It is also quite heavy and will make your guests uneasy if they have to hold the plate and eat. If you are looking for an unbreakable dinner set, go for the BPA free melamine variety as it can last a lifetime if used with care. Though not microwave safe, melamine is the ideal option for families with kids as it doesn't break or chip easily.

For other materials, check out dinner sets on our website in ceramic, porcelain, bone, china, wood, stone, pewter, melamine, latten, silver, gold, glass, acrylic, steel and plastic etc.

Price List

Model Price
Dinner set 72 pcs (Marble) Rs. 22,999
SONEX Eden Plus Gift Pack - 18 Pieces Dinner Set … Rs. 15,800
Dinner set 72 pcs (Marble) Rs. 22,999
16 Pc White / Grey Marble Effect Dinner Set - Pre… Rs. 11,604
SONEX Eden Plus Gift Pack - 18 Pieces Dinner Set … Rs. 15,800
18 Piece Plate Set – Black Gold Marble Rs. 13,000
16 Pc White / Grey Marble Effect Dinner Set - Pre… Rs. 11,604
Rockware Opal Marble Glass Dinner Set 72-Pcs Rs. 18,500
Dinner set 72 pcs (Marble) Rs. 22,999
Al Buraag Marble Dinner Plate 10 – Inch ( Set of … Rs. 1,950
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