Marjan Stone Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Marjan Stone in Pakistan is Rs. 1,950 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,050.


A stone harvested from the sea, marjan stones are also known as red coral or precious coral. The colour is a bright red. The price of a marjan stone is in the mid ranges and larger ones cost more. High-end jewellery with marjan stones set in it may cost a lot more despite the stone not being a costly one.


Marjan Stone

The red coral stone is known as marjan in Urdu. It is the most precious gemstone form of coral, this is also why it is known as Precious Coral. The marjan stone has a deep bright red colour and is found in the sea. The majority of red coral comes from the Mediterranean Sea, it grows in depths from 10 to 300 meters. 

The colouring comes from organic pigments produced by plants, algae, fungi and some bacteria. Being an organic material, marjan stones are not that hard and durable in comparison to other gemstones. Due to this softness, it is often not faceted and is en cabochon. 

The marjan stones from Italy and Tunisia are considered to be of better quality in comparison to China and Japan.

Why people wear marjan

In culture, this stone is known to have protective qualities. It has been used to ward of the 'evil eye' since ancient Roman times. Marjan stones are also considered to help people who have self-esteem issues, by aiding them overcome nervousness or fear.

There is also text stating that it helps with skin problems such as boils and acne.


Red coral has been harvested a lot in the China sea, which is why the government banned it to protect wildlife.

The marjan stone is relatively cheap, with some jewellery made from it that is expensive. This, of course, depends on the quantity involved and brand as well.

Price List

Model Price
Marjan Stone HB-334 Rs. 2,600
Marjan Stone HB-343 Rs. 3,850
Marjan Stone HB-341 Rs. 2,650
Marjan Stone HB-350 Rs. 1,950
Marjan Stone HB-338 Rs. 2,750
Marjan Stone HB-344 Rs. 3,900
Marjan Stone HB-339 Rs. 2,450
Marjan Stone HB-335 Rs. 2,000
Marjan Stone HB-346 Rs. 3,250
Marjan Stone HB-348 Rs. 2,450
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