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The best price of Mini Projector in Pakistan is Rs. 140 and estimated average price is Rs. 31,340.


Users can carry a mini projector on their travels being able to share video content easily with a large picture frame. The guidelines to access the picture quality of a projector is through the contrast ratio, picture resolution, connectivity features such as wireless, USB and HDMI port that can help users decide which projectors fulfils their requirements.

Pros & Cons


  • Built-in memory

  • Compact size

  • Easy to install and use


  • The huge price point for limited features

  • Low brightness as compared to larger projectors


Introduction to Mini Projectors 

For small businesses and classrooms, mini projectors can be a great alternative to bulky heavy projectors available in the market. They are comparably smaller in size than regular projector models making them easy to carry and install. They have all the essential display resolution quality and connectivity features of a regular-sized projector at a lower price point. Brands that are popular for mini projectors are EPSON, Xiaomo, Optoma and ViewSonic are high-end mini projectors that offer built-in memory options, battery and better picture quality.

Display Resolution

Contrast ratio and lumens are the two defining elements in getting a clean, clear, crisp and bright visual from your projector. If your display needs are casual and for personal use consider a 1,500:1 to be the basic ratio needed for a clear display. Anything higher than 2,000:1 is considered excellent for video projection. Another crucial preference is the resolution of the mini projector.

Depending on what you need the mini projector to display, remember the higher the resolution the better the picture quality. A simple guide to follow is 800X600 pixels SVGA with an aspect ratio of 4:3 will be good enough for most playback settings. 

Home Entertainment

For home entertainment and gaming, it is recommended that the mini projector be able to achieve a 1080 pixels display. Mini projectors are constantly paired with several devices and formats making it essential they have multiple compatibility options such as USB, VGA component, HDMI, and Display Ports.

Connectivity Features 

Many connection types are cross or backwards-compatible which mini projectors might not be able to handle as they are not built for professional and commercial purposes. They might not be able to connect to all third-party devices but they can seamlessly connect to all smartphones through wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.  


Mini projectors can be installed very quickly and are easy to handle but the best part is that the picture quality is still as cinematic as larger projectors. Some mini projectors are as small as the size of your front shirt pocket. These mini projectors are as small as the palm of your hand making them simple and accessible at all times. It has a large enough frame to project video playback clearly and can be an immersive viewing experience. 

Price List

Model Price
Portable Aluminium Alloy 360掳 Swivel Wall Ceiling… Rs. 1,279
Cool Boy Mart Mini Smart android Projector (BLJ48… Rs. 35,000
3 In 1 Multifunction Mini Laser Light Pointer Rs. 140
Israr Mall Mini Holographic Laser Star Projector … Rs. 1,950
Portable Aluminium Alloy 360掳 Swivel Wall Ceiling… Rs. 1,279
LED Mini Home Projector HD 1080P HDMI USB Project… Rs. 9,400
3D Projector Cardboard Mini Smartphone Projector Rs. 2,375
UNIC Mini Projector UC68 WiFi 1800 Lumens Rs. 18,231
BenQ GV -1 Mini Portable Video Projector with Wi-… Rs. 82,999
LED Mini HDMI Home Cinema Projector - Black Rs. 11,872
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