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The best price of Mini Sewing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 579 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,703.


A budget-friendly and compact alternative, small-sized sewing machines have become quite popular in recent years. They are portable, easy to operate and don't require large storage space. If you are looking for one, check out mini sewing machine prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


The traditional heavy duty Singer or Butterfly sewing machines that we have seen our mothers and grand mothers use at home have been a popular item in Pakistani households. The art of sewing clothes, knitting and embroidery are highly appreciated in Pakistan and till the late 90s, women were expected to possess all such talents. During that era, a sewing machine was a must-have household item and sewing clothes a must-have talent. Though they can still be seen in almost every Pakistani home, they are being replaced by much more convenient and compact versions.

Benefits of Mini Sewing Machines

These sewing machines are advanced little gadgets that can perform the functions of a full blown sewing machine. The only difference may be of size and some advanced functionalities, depnding on the machine. 

1. Portable & Compact

The mini machines are portable due to their small size and travelling with them is not at all a problem. The traditional big machines were heavy and needed at least two people for transporting it from one room to another. These mini versions are lightweight machines and are also about the size that can easily be held in the hand. 

2. Great for Minor Tasks

Setting up the bigger machines for minor tasks like stitching a ripped shirt or sewing the hems of a dupatta seemed quite time consuming and tedious. With these mini sewing machines one doesn't need to go through tedious setting up process. You can easily take out the machine and sew anything anywhere you are comfortable. You don't always have to take hard projects like sewing an entire dress. The mini sewing machine comes handy for regular wear and tear of fabrics and when you need a quick fix for your wardrobe mishaps. 

3. Great for Beginners

Beginners are usually quite intimidated by the large full sized sewing machines. It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to handle them. The mini machines are great for beginners and can help them practise sewing and embroidery on these handheld machines before they are finally able to handle the bigger ones. 

4. Embroidery & Sewing

Depending on the type of machine, you can sew all types of materials as well as also do embroidery on various fabrics. Some even come with built in sewing light that make sewing tasks easy at night or under low lighting conditions. It is amongst the most affordable and simple to use machines that anyone can operate with a little practice. 

5. Easy Storage

While the larger ones needed a dedicated space or sewing machine tables in some case, a mini machine can be placed anywhere in the house. You don't have to worry about space as the machine does not take up a lot of storage space. It comes with all necessary parts like a Foot Pedal, Needle-threading Device, Threading Needle, 2 Bobbins with Thread, 2 Bobbins without Thread, Adapter and an English User Manual.

Despite their numerous benefits and lightweight structure, the mini sewing machines cannot replace the versatility of a traditional sewing machine. You can do small every day wear and tear tasks and sewing projects but for serious and bigger projects, you would need the traditional sewing machine. 

Price List

Model Price
Mini Appliance Sewing/Stitching Machine Set for K… Rs. 1,599
Super Sealer Mini Multi-Functional Sealing Machine Rs. 579
Mini Appliance set with sewing and ironing machin… Rs. 3,000
Electric Mini Sewing Machine With Mouse And Light… Rs. 2,919
Mini Appliance Sewing Machine – Medium Rs. 2,155
Educational Simulation Home Appliance Pretend Kit… Rs. 3,500
Mini Appliance Set Swing Machine Rs. 1,170
Mini Sewing Machine Toy For Girls Rs. 2,316
Girl Preschool Game Toy Mini Electric Sewing Mach… Rs. 1,950
Mini Appliance Sewing/Stitching Machine Set for K… Rs. 1,599
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