Molfix Diapers Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Molfix Diapers in Pakistan is Rs. 310 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,802.


Molfix baby diapers are sold all over the world and are considered comfortable and reliable. They come in colourful designs and you can choose from two types; Tape diapers and Pant diapers. Molfix diapers prices in Pakistan varies depending on the pack size.


Molfix sells affordable and skin-friendly diapers that cause no allergic reactions or rashes in babies. 

Sizes & Packaging

Molfix diapers are available in small, economy and jumbo packs. They feature super elastic waistbands that fit your baby properly, giving them freedom of movement. The Molfix tape diapers are for newborn babies up till babies over 15kg weight. Sizes for tape diapers are 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. Molfix pant diapers are for kids older than 2 years of age and come in sizes 3,4,5 and 6. The pant diapers are great if you are trying to toilet train your child.

Leak Proof Barriers

Diapers by Molfix are carefully curated out of safe fibres and materials so they are extremely comfortable for your baby and gentle on their skin. The water-resistant leak-proof barriers prevent the diaper from leakages and the green absorbent layer ensures that the diaper stays dry throughout the day.

Dry & Comfortable

Made out of soft cotton on the inside, the Molfix baby diapers come with an extra channelled inner layer that helps prevent messes. The absorbent green layer keeps the diaper dry and the outside surface is smooth against the skin, preventing any rashes or irritations. The back of Molfix baby diapers is made out of a breathable sheet which prevents skin rashes by allowing the free flow of air.

The baby diaper manufacturing brand was established in 1998 in Turkey. It soon became a favourite amongst people of different countries including, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Algeria and Iran. It is also a widely used diaper brand in Pakistan. You can buy Molfix diapers online from multiple reliable stores in Pakistan from this page. 

Price List

Model Price
Molfix Diaper,Size 6,Xl, 15+Kg,42Pcs,Jumbo Pack Rs. 2,100
Molfix Diaper,Size 6,Xl, 15+Kg, 22Pcs,Twin Pack Rs. 1,166
Molfix Diaper,Size 4, Maxi, 7-14Kg, 30Pcs,Twin Pa… Rs. 1,161
Molfix No. 2 Diapers, Mini 3-6 KG, Jumbo Economy,… Rs. 2,256
Molfix Diaper No. 2, Mini, Mega Pack, 3-6 KG, 90-… Rs. 2,700
Molfix Diaper Size 5 New Born, 11-18kg 68 Pcs Jum… Rs. 2,140
Molfix Daipers New Born 48pcs Rs. 950
Molfix Pants Jumbo Pack 54Pcs Maxi Size 4 Rs. 2,250
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