Olpers Desi Ghee Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Olpers Desi Ghee in Pakistan is Rs. 590 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,557.


Desi ghee is great for cooking, a healthier option and it also adds a flavour that other does not have. Olper's is known for producing a range of dairy-related products, including desi ghee. The price of desi ghee is generally higher than the choices for cooking oil.


Olper's a brand that produces food items from dairy, it is rung by FrieslandCampina Engro. Among the range available under the Olper's banner, one can also purchase desi ghee known as Olper's Tarrka.

Desi ghee is prepared from churning cream from milk, this gets converted into butter. At the butter stage it is simmered and the milk solids brown as they fry, this adds a very yummy, nutty flavour to desi ghee. This melted butter with browned milk solids is strained and the remaining liquid is desi ghee. When it cools down it becomes granular in texture.

Olper's Tarrka desi ghee would be great to cook in, adding a flavour to your food that only desi ghee can. Desi ghee has also been used as part of holistic medicine in the region for centuries and it aids digestion. Also, a higher smoking point means one can fry foods without burning the oil itself.

Compared to other oils, desi ghee is a lot better for health. Some people also use a bit of desi ghee at the end of the dish to add the extra flavor, this is a less expensive way to improve the taste of your food.


The price of Olper's Tarrka desi ghee is more expensive than the regular oils one could use for cooking. One can purchase it in cans of 1KG.

Price List

Model Price
Olpers Desi ghee 1kg Rs. 1,799
Olpers Desi ghee 1kg Rs. 1,799
Olpers desi ghee 500g Rs. 950
Olpers Tarrka Asli Desi Ghee 1Kg Rs. 1,750
Olpers Tarrka / Asli Desi Ghee 1kg Rs. 1,900
Olpers Desi ghee 1kg Rs. 1,799
Olpers Desi Ghee 1kg Rs. 1,799
Olper's Tarka Desi Ghee (1kg) Rs. 590
Olper Tarrka Asli Desi Ghee 1Kg Tin Rs. 1,490
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