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The best price of Olpers Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 155 and estimated average price is Rs. 664.


The homemade recipe for cream is boiling raw milk and waiting for the butterfat content to form a coating on top of the milk that is skimmed off to collect cream. Unlike the bright white colour of cream made from homogenized milk, the buttermilk cream is yellowish-white and thicker. Olpers cream close to the rich, creamy homemade flavour of cream.


Quality and Taste 

Olpers is an Engro owned dairy brand that sells milk-based that's are preservative-free and treated with a safe and healthy UHT processing treatment. The Olpers cream has rich fat content and the texture is smooth. A pack of 200 ml has a long shelf life with 30% fat. It is made from ingredients milk cream and vegetarian stabilizer called soya lecithin. For those looking to buy in bulk, there is a 24 pieces carton with 200ml packets of cream. 

It is recommended that children and adults who are lactose intolerance should use this cream with consideration to their condition. The heavy cream is a great addition to desserts, coffee and savoury curry recipes. It is plain pasteurised and has the traditional taste of natural cream. Once opened it is recommended to refrigerate the pack of cream and should be consumed within a month. It should be thrown away once there's is an unpleasant smell coming from the cream. If consumers accidentally eat expired cream they will experience only irritation or slight diarrhoea.

Cream Topping & Recipes 

The cream can be had with many Pakistani dishes such as halwa, zarda, gajrela and added to savoury curries like butter chicken and pakora curry. It is also had for breakfast on toast and served on top of desserts like custard, pie and jelly.


Energy (kcal) 293 | 15%
Fat (g) 30 | 43%
Carbohydrates (g) 3.5 | 4%
Protein (g) 2.2 | 4%
Sodium (mg) 0.02 | 1%
Saturates (mg) 19 | 95%

Price List

Model Price
Olpers Full Cream Milk 1.5ltr - 3pcs Rs. 1,318
Olper's Fresh Cream 200ml Pack of 4 Rs. 760
Olpers Full Cream Milk Powder 900 Grams Rs. 830
Olper Full Cream Milk Powder 390g Rs. 625
Olpers Cream 200ml Rs. 155
Olpers Full Cream Milk 1ltr Rs. 250
Olpers Full Cream Milk 1.5 Litre Rs. 340
Olper's Cream, 200ml Rs. 170
Olpers Cream 200ml 1'S Rs. 159
Olpers Full Cream Milk Powder 900g Rs. 1,008
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