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Perkins is one of the known brands that produces generators. Which you choose is about how much power you need for your space. The price of a Perkins generator is high.

Pros & Cons


  • Not eco-friendly

  • Noisy


Perkins Engines Company Limited

Perkins is known for producing engines for a varied range of implementations. This includes engines used for agriculture, construction, industrial use and power generation. Perkins generators are among some of the most reliable in the market. The range has options for various power outputs.

There was a time Perkins used to also provide engines to brands such as Dodge and Ford for their vehicles. Perkins is owned by Caterpillar Inc., which is also one of the largest consumers of their engines today.

Generators: information and considerations

A useful device to keep you supplied with power if there is load shedding or if you want this to be your primary source of power. A UPS would run out of battery eventually; your Perkins Generator will keep going till you can supply it with fuel. A large enough generator could run your whole home, including heavier appliances such as ACs and fridges.

The higher the kVAs the more power a generator can produce. There are some that have a self-starting feature as well, this is useful as one does not need to turn on their generator manually each time the power drops. It will switch on and off automatically. 

Fuel variations have their pros and cons. Diesel engines are the most robust but also make the most noise. Petrol is comparatively quieter but is a high-cost machine to run. Gas is the most quiet but the engine has more chances of having mechanical issues. These can be avoided with regular maintenance though.

What fuel one chooses their Perkins generator to be is a matter of what fuel is easily available to them and also their feasibility. The noise can also be mitigated with soundproof versions fo generators but these cost a substantial amount more.


There are many different brands that produce generators. Perkins generators have a good reputation in the market and there is variety based on the amount of power they can generate.

What generator you choose is a matter of your power needs and the budget you have in mind. Perkins generators are generally high price machines to purchase.

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