Philips Trimmer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Philips Trimmer in Pakistan is Rs. 2,880 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,324.


Beards can become a costly asset to maintain if you do not own your own personal beard trimmer. Frequent trips to the barber or men's salon will cost a lot of money over a long period of time. The Philips trimmer 3000 and 1000 series are lightweight and ergonomic machines that deliver a precise beard trimming experience. Philips trimmers are readily available online in Pakistan at an affordable price point.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use

  • Durable and sharp

  • Precise control for beard styling

  • Different shave settings 

  • Saves time and money 

  • No skin irritation


  • Batteries can be hard to keep charged at all times 

  • Can create a mess in bathroom sink 


Mechanism & Battery

The trimmer needs to have precision and control to meet the grooming requirements of every man. The Philips trimmer is made from steel blades that work together in different speeds and directions to create the shaving mechanism. Their turbine-like movement and cutting across each other while shaving ensures that they stay just as sharp as the time of purchase. It uses AAA batteries that can be recharged directly or replaced easily. 

Shaving Control Settings

Staying clean-shaven will not be exhausting with the Philips trimmer that offers the closest shave possible at 1 MM. The lowest setting will deliver a 3-day shave saving time that can be spent on having a hearty breakfast in the morning before work. Users will be able to set the trimmer at any setting between 1MM to 10MM. 

The control mechanism is a wheel that can be locked in the desired setting. A short beard will be 1mm up and a full beard will be 10mm. The simple and safe locking system of the Philips trimmer will ensure no unwanted settings change happens mid shave. Every man's beard is different with its own hair texture and style preferences, it is important to have a trimmer that can be as versatile. 


Trimmers are great for every man who would like to maintain his beard at home without needing to worry about those hard to reach areas. The firm grip and ergonomic design will ensure that you have the best beard every day. A cleaning brush and detachable washable parts help maintain the quality of the trimmer. It is skin-friendly as the blades have rounded blade tips shaped into a comb to prevent unnecessary irritation.

Types of Philips Trimmers 

The Philips 3000 series trimmer will have 45 minutes of power when charged for 10 hours. The 1000 series will deliver 60 min cordless use when charged for 8 hours. The added advantage of the Philips 1000 is that it has USB charging along with 4 stubble and beard combs. Users will be able to carry their trimmer on work trips without worrying about charging their trimmer. They can simply plug it into their laptops or phone chargers without the hassle of carrying a designated charger. With the Philips 1000, a precise beard can be achieved as it has 4 shaving combs that include 1 stubble comb of 1 MM and 3 beard combs of 3, 5 and 7 MM. 

Price List

Model Price
Philips One Blade Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer QP2520 Rs. 7,400
Philips Shaver AT750PH Rs. 8,250
Philips Grooming Kit MG-3710 Rs. 9,350
Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 3000 Black (NT3000/4… Rs. 4,499
Philips Multi groom Series 7000 2-In-1 Hair Trimm… Rs. 18,120
Philips BT1214/15 Beard Trimmer, Series 1000 Rs. 6,150
Philips Beard Trimmer BT3206/14 Rs. 13,200
Beard Trimmer 1Mm Stubble Comb, Usb Charging Cabl… Rs. 7,012
Philips Series 3000 Shower Proof Grooming Kit BG3… Rs. 9,190
Philips One Blade Body Shaver QP2520/20 Rs. 6,500
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