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The best price of Pvc Card Cutter in Pakistan is Rs. 6,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,899.


A small gizmo designed to cut our cards printed onto PVC. As the printing happens it is a joint strip so this is needed to cut out the individual cards for use. A relatively low-cost item to purchase.


PVC Card Cutter

A lot of different cards are produced in PVC, such as bank cards or office IDs. Depending on the scale of the operation some cards are cut by a machine, if that is not the case then a PVC card cutter is needed.

Once a strip of cards is printed onto PVC, a PVC card cutter is used to cut each card out. The strip gets inserted in and one aligns the card by eye, making sure it lines up with the sectioning properly before pulling the lever down. As the user pulls the lever down the card is cut out of the larger strip into an individual card.

PVC cards are generally quite thick so it requires some pressure, which is why the lever is a bit long, making it easier to cut the card out with more distance from the pivoting point.


The price of a PVC card cutter is in the mid ranges given it is a simple and basic tool. If one had to use it for quite a bit of cards the cost would be considered lower in comparison.

Price List

Model Price
PVC ID Card Cutter 8654 Rs. 6,899
PVC ID Card Cutter 8654 Rs. 6,899
PVC ID Card Cutter 8654 Rs. 6,899
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