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Compare 304 prices from 15 stores.

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A fun toy for all ages the remote control car can keep one entertained for a long time. Race against others with similar cars or just make your own track area to speed around. Using radio signals to achieve the wirelessness. Varied designs and builds are available, just as about as many are available in real cars. The prices vary and depend on the size, power and brand of the toy.

Pros & Cons


  • Interactive toy

  • Not very noisy


  • Limited range

  • Charging takes time


An entertaining toy

At some point in almost every child's life they get obsessed with a remote controlled car, an often coveted toy. Understandably too, watching anyone control a car with a remote seems like the most fun thing to do. Even the fact that you can be at a distance and control something is interesting, that too a fancy looking car that is speeding and spinning. 

Remote control cars are made by many brands with the likeness of almost any famous sports car you can imagine with Ferraris in red, Lamborghinis in yellow, Buggatis, Audis, Porches, Mercs and a plethora of any and everything else in many colours.

Available as jeeps too

Not to leave behind other forms there are many jeeps with massive off-road tyres and a proper 4x4 look. These jeeps are heaps of fun in a lawn especially if one can set up some obstacles for the sake of adventure. There are even cars that have not copied any shape but are designs someone has come up with specifically for the toy with all the funky things you can imagine looking like they drove out of a kids movie.


The build quality varies, as with most things the better ones usually cost more and will probably last longer. One drive off the stairs won't wreck them, that is probably a good measure because a child is very likely to actually try that.

Batteries & the remotes

Requiring more powerful batteries in the car they come with a battery pack or the need for Nickle-Cadmium batteries. These are able to drive more heavy electronics with a steady power supply. There are some more expensive petrol-powered kinds too, those being for a slightly older generation.

The remotes can do with more simple batteries, but if you want them to work more efficiently a few Duracells will go a long way. These remotes are usually of 2 kinds with the more common one which has 2 toggle knobs, one for the car to move forwards and backwards and the other for it to turn left and right. The other remote is kind of like a handle with a trigger that can be moved back and forth and a small steering wheel that controls the turning. A few other variations exist with remote design but those are more rare picks.

Range and other considerations

The range of how far you can control the vehicle also depends on the quality, the better ones have more range and gives one more room to play around, don't have to keep trying to run along and maintain distance. It is important that a child plays with this toy in the right kind of environment as it could hurt a pet or person, possibly topple over smaller furniture.

Using these cars on the road is fun but can be dangerous as it is a distracting toy and if there are actual cars on the road it could be cause for alarm. Please inform children of such concerns with the right approach and care so they are listened to and not just heard.

The price of a remote controlled car depends on the brand that made it, what power it can put out and also its size.

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The best price of Remote Control Car in Pakistan is Rs. 400 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,216.

Price List

Model Price
Remote Control Car Rs. 2,999
Remote Control Car Led Light Rs. 1,800
Remote Control Car With Watch Sensor Rs. 5,120
Remote Control Bmw Car Rs. 400
Wrist Watch Remote Control Car Rs. 2,500
Remote Control Car 2.4 GHz With Spray Function Rs. 10,725