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Car speakers are a huge market segment in the audio arena. They are available in different models, sizes and designs. A lot of brands that produce audio solutions also have car speakers in their catalogue. The price of car speakers varies a lot, based on their power and brand.


Car Speakers

Car audio has a higher quality of sound now available to people as there are a variety of speakers from many brands specifically built for the interior of a vehicle. Essentially 2 good speakers are enough to enjoy your favourite music but those passionate about car sound quality will build complex sound systems; a system that is powerful and louder than standard built-in gear.

It is a matter of pride for music enthusiasts to have the best car speaker system possible. There are a lot of qualities available, many upcoming brands produce high-quality car speakers competing with the best known audio brands that produce speakers specifically for cars. There is a variety of sizes and power ratings that are designed to perfectly fit your car settings. 

Popular Brands 

There are many brands that produce car speakers. Popular brands include Pioneer, JBL, Bose, Yamaha, Rockford, Alpine, JL Audio, Polk, Kenwood, Sony and Infinity; to name a few top producers.


The prices vary a lot based on how powerful or large a speaker is, along with what brand has made it. Keep in mind a car speaker setup generally requires an amplifier to power them.

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