Car Amplifier Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Car Amplifier in Pakistan is Rs. 8,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 22,200.


Amplifiers or amps are used to increase the strength of the audio signal so it can power the speakers properly. Car amplifiers are designed to take up less space& a lot of them fit under the passenger seat. Amplifiers are expensive devices with slight variation in prices depending on the brand and specific model one chooses to buy.


Car Amplifier

An amplifier increases the signal strength so it can drive speakers with more power. The only difference between a car amplifier and a regular one is that the ones for the cars are designed to be compact with improved heat handling performance, in case they are placed in an enclosed space like under the driver or passenger seat. The whole body is designed like a heat sink to maintain optimum temperature made from aluminium that is efficient at maintaining a cooler temperature.

Importance Of Amplifier

The original signal from most devices is too minimal to power large speakers and create a full-bodied sound. Once such a signal passes through an amplifier it is strong enough to drive speakers enough to create the wanted levels of sound. Taking the sound a notch higher makes the experience of listening to music highly satisfying & enjoyable.


Car amplifiers are available in various designs, depending on the brand and the specific line by them. Amplifiers have multiple inputs so one can connect various devices, some can be operated using a media console. This variation depends on the car amplifier you choose. The power ratings vary depending on how many speakers & subwoofers you want to connect to the car amplifier. Available in a range of prices accordingly to the kind of brand producing the car amplifier. Higher-end brands include Sony, Alpine, Rockford, Kenwood, Pioneer, JBL, Lanzar and many more that are considerably expensive with high-quality sound. 

Price List

Model Price
BM Audio Subwoofer - BW-1P128A | Boschmann Origin… Rs. 39,500
BM Boschmann 4 Channel Car Amplifier Rs. 16,000
Maximus Bass Pro SubWoofer with Builtin Amplifier… Rs. 38,500
Audio Mob 4 Channel Car Amplifier W Rs. 8,500
Rockmars 4 Channel Car Amplifier W Rs. 8,500
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