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Compare 1,228 prices from 27 stores.

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Car Toys are the best gift for a boy and girl as they are super fun, durable, reliable, and most importantly very safe to use. They are designed to help enhance cognitive and fine-motor skills like the hand to eye coordination.


Vehicle Toys 

The early year's car toy can be as simple as a static soft touch model or large enough to carry the baby in a pushcart format. These car-strollers are designed to look like toys with added playtime activities like a horn, abacus, cup holder and space to put baby essential toiletries.


The sounds of squeaks and music make these car toy strollers easy to use and distract little babies while running important errands outside the home. Ideal for babies age 1 and above, the design is stable and safe with wide pedals and thick tires with a maximum load capacity of 30 pounds.

Battery Operated

Some designs require two AAA batteries to run all the fun lights and sounds. It is a fun alternative to a formal baby stroller. Indoor car toys are also super fun and come in a variety of cartoon themes and colours.

Load Bearing Car Toys

They can hold anyone up to 220 pounds making it an easy to play with the family car toy. Children benefit from ride-on car toys as they are a great physical activity and easy to assemble.


These older kids car toys are faster and have more real car features. The motorised electric car toys usually have a remote control to ensure parents can supervise their child. The various settings can propel the car faster between low to high speeds making the toy exciting and fun for all kids. 

Special Features 

These tiny cars have a functional set of headlights, three adjustable speeds of low, medium and high, radio and sound system with an AUX cable to connect third-party mobile devices. Recommended ages for advanced models like these is three to eight.

Motor Operated 

The 12-volt motor can feel pretty fast on the street and the adjustable seat ensures children are comfortable and secure. These models can take up to 65 pounds in weight even on sharp turns and twists. 

Great Confidence Booster

The activity and playtime using a car toy can help build a strong foundation for their adult self-esteem. These are some of the reasons why parents choose car toys for children as they are part of the child's early understanding of what it means to be a responsible adult. The charm of driving a baby-sized car allows children to feel like they are also similar to their parents. 
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The best price of Car Toys in Pakistan is Rs. 520 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,556.

Price List

Model Price
Cartoon Character Baby Friction Car Toy Rs. 645
Fashion Boy Funny Car Toy Rs. 2,699
Catapult Friction Bump Spin Metal Car Toy Rs. 999
Power space Balloon Car Toy Rs. 1,950
Funblast 3 D Super Car Toy – Car Toy For Kids Wit… Rs. 1,599
Truck Construction Vehicle Pull Back Car Toy Rs. 895
Cell Car Toy With Light And Music 09 Future Car Rs. 799