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The best price of Samsung Chromebook in Pakistan is Rs. 74,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 95,665.


With portable devices becoming even more common, laptops have been downscaled and based on a Linux OS and known as Chromebooks. The softwares are limited with Android apps being supported via the Google Play store. It is essentially a more enhanced browser that allows users to interact with ease. Great for kids to learn and elders to use. Samsung's Chromebook range is available at premium prices given the brand name.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight

  • Speed

  • Cloud storage

  • Android Apps


  • Low internal storage

  • Limited offline use


What is a Chromebook

A simpler device that is geared for users who have more simple needs. With limited functionality, they are able to install web apps but do not support softwares such as Photoshop or iTunes. The Chrome based software is a lot faster as it is light. It also updates itself and takes a lot less time to update. Even starting up is faster than the MacOS or Windows. A useful device for browsing the internet, streaming videos and playing mobile games.

Given it is a lot cheaper than most basic Windows laptops even the build is of plastics. The internal specs are less powerful as it is going to be running a simple software, the storage space is also limited. Generally, they have 16 or 32GB of SSD storage. The display resolution can vary, with options for HD as most content is designed for such display panels now. Given the modern age, a touchscreen is not uncommon.

A lot of people want to get Chromebooks for learning purposes at grade school or for elder people who find it to be an easier device to navigate. The fact that they are based on Linux makes them a lot more stable and less prone to viruses. Designed to be used with the internet, some applications can also be used offline such as Google Docs.

Samsung's Chromebooks

Among the many different brands that are producing Chromebooks is Samsung. Ranging from 11 inches on the Samsung Chromebooks it goes up to 15 inches. With cameras for video chatting and selfies. Some of the Samsung Chromebook's can fold over to become similar to a tablet.

They have also built versions that can have a SIM inserted into them for a data connection to be more mobile. With the options for a stylus so one could use the tablet as a drafting board as well. A neat usage for designers, engineers, architects and artists.

Samsung's Chromebook range is from the top end of the price point as the build quality is good and the internal specs are also from known makers such as Intel.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung 12.3" 32GB Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Chromebook … Rs. 74,999
Samsung 12.3" 32GB Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Chromebook … Rs. 86,999
Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 (Intel Celeron, 64GB e… Rs. 124,999
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