Sinbo Deep Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sinbo Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 2,475 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,453.


A deep fryer can be used to make a lot of tasty foods, including the universally loved French fries. A Sinbo deep fryer will allow you to make your fried foods at home or for your commercial kitchen with ease. It has a non-stick oil tank and knobs for temperature as well as time. These deep fryers are available for affordable prices and run on electricity.


If you are looking for a deep fryer that can help you fry your foods, the Sinbo brand has a few options.

The oil tank is non-stick so it is easier to clean. One gets a temperature knob as well as a timer, this way you can cook your food exactly how it needs to be done so it is not over or undercooked. The right kind of cook is important so your food is crispy on the outside and not done right inside.

Sinbo deep fryers come with baskets for you to use to lower your food into the fryer. One could fry two different things at the same time as well, one in each of the baskets. This is helpful if you need to make fried chicken and also fries at the same time.

The price of Sinbo deep fryers is in an affordable range. The size is easy to fit onto a countertop and these fryers run on electricity.

Price List

Model Price
Sinbo Professional 4 Liter Ultimate Deep Fryer Rs. 19,000
Deep Fryer By Sinbo Rs. 4,445
Sinbo Premium Deep Fryer Sdf-3830 Rs. 13,850
Silver And Black Deep Fryer By Sinbo Rs. 12,500
Sinbo Deep Fryer Rs. 4,450
Sinbo White Deep Fryer Rs. 2,475
Sinbo Professional 4 Liter Ultimate Deep Fryer Rs. 19,000
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