Spring Mattress Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Spring Mattress in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 71,204.


A variation of the mattress with coils built into it that provide support to the sleeper. Spring mattresses are not recommended for people with back problems. The price range varies with these mattresses depending on the brand and how many springs it has embedded.

Pros & Cons


  • Good if you like a bouncey bed


  • Not good for a bad back


An important appendage

A large rectangular pad that one sleeps on, fitting over the hard surface of a bed to provide cushioning. Mattresses are made of different materials, initially, natural fibres were packed to make them. Moving on to foam and then to mattresses with springs embedded inside and on. Picking the right mattress is important as it affects one's quality of sleep and has a lot to do with back health. If it isn't the right kind of mattress one can have pain and discomfort become a regular part of life.

The spring mattress

A mattress with embedded springs is quite bouncy, the more springs inside the better the weight distribution and support for the body when lying down. A slightly older variant of the mattress but still very popular, most hotels still have these in their rooms. This is due to the fact that they are available in different firmness options, are widely available and easy to transport. The price range is also not too high making them more accessible to a larger segment of people.

Considerations when buying a spring mattress

It is important to be aware that these may be easy on the budget but they are not the best if one has back pains. Over time the springs will wear out and start to creek and squeak, disturbing the silence when one is trying to doze off. These mattresses usually have a top and a bottom, meaning they cannot be flipped over if aside is sagging. The initial saving on the cost can be a moot point if the mattress needs to be changed soon.

Now there are options that combine the internal coils of a spring mattress and have layers on top that are of memory foam, making a better combination. That might be a better option if you need more comfort for an achy back. Spring mattresses are available at a varied price range, depending on the make and what number of coils it has built into it.

Price List

Model Price
Celeste Ultra Ortho Spring Mattress Rs. 57,100
Eterna Firm Spring Mattress Rs. 92,400
MoltyHybrid Spring Mattress Rs. 60,600
Celeste Bravo Plus Spring Mattress Rs. 63,400
Durafoam Spring Ultra Mattress (pillow Top) Rs. 31,700
Celeste Eterna Soft Spring Mattress Rs. 121,600
Celeste Cool Gel Spring Mattress Rs. 57,500
MoltyHybrid Spring Mattress Rs. 47,000
Five Star Foam King Size 8" Spring Mattress Rs. 33,072
Support Line Pocket Spring Mattress Rs. 304,000
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