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The best price of Tabasco Sauce in Pakistan is Rs. 108 and estimated average price is Rs. 338.


A hot sauce that is one of the most widely used. Tabasco sauce is originally from the USA and over time has been a success in many other countries. It is the standard hot sauce at most restaurants. A nominally priced sauce, given only a few drops can suffice.


Tabasco Sauce

A famous chilli sauce that is sold all over the world, with its origins in Louisiana, America. The brand that made this concoction famous is the McIlhenny Company with Edmund McIlhenny as its creator, although there are claims that the original recipe belongs to Maunsel White.

The sauce is made from tabasco peppers which are mainly cultivated in South America. The pickers compare the peppers to a coloured stick to ensure the right level of ripeness for the sauce. These peppers are ground into a mash and placed inside barrels with salt. After three years of ageing, the mash is strained and the resulting liquid is mixed with vinegar. This is stirred occasionally for a month and then bottled.

The tabasco sauce profile

Tabasco rates at 2,5000 - 5,000 on the Scoville rating chart that is designed to classify the 'hotness' chillies and hot sauces.

The flavour is a bit tangy with a lot of heat, even a few drops of tabasco sauce can change the taste of a plate of food. There is an underlying layer f umami due to the extended fermentation the peppers go through.

Tabasco has a lot of die-hard fans, they would use it with anything to add heat to their food. People have tabasco sauce with soup, sandwiches, fries, burgers and anything else really. It is very common to find it in Chinese and other kinds of restaurants too.


Tabasco sauce is available for nominal prices in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Dipitt Tobasco Sauce, 60ml Rs. 245
Dipitt Tobasco Sauce, 60ml Rs. 245
Tabasco Jalapeno Green Pepper Sauce, 60ml Rs. 450
Dipitt Tobasco Sauce 60g Rs. 180
Tabasco Sauce Pepper 60ml Rs. 499
Dipitt Tobasco Sauce 60ml Rs. 108
Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce, 60ml Rs. 450
Dipitt Tabasco Sauce, 60ml Rs. 200
Tabasco Red Pepper Original Sauce Rs. 455
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