Turkish Stone Rings Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Turkish Stone Rings in Pakistan is Rs. 100 and estimated average price is Rs. 163.


Turkish art is extremely popular In Pakistan be it architecture, furniture or jewellery. Turkish rings with gemstones are on high demand in Pakistan and are easily available here at Shopsy. Metal is the most common material for Turkish gemstone rings and silver is the most popular colour. If you are looking for one, check out Turkish stone rings prices on this page and read on for more information.


Gemstones have a special place in almost all religions including Islam and Christianity. Experts believe that these pure gems have energy that gets transferred into the body of the wearer and brings physical as well as metaphysical benefits. 

Turkish Stone Rings in Pakistan

Pakistani men and women like to wear stone or precious gem rings as it is considered a religious symbol for multiple faiths. Majority of the Muslim Pakistani men's rings are silver or metallic as gold is not considered permissible for a Muslim man. Women however can wear them in any material they want to. These rings are worn daily for receiving their spiritual benefits or for merely ornamental purposes. Some of the popular Turkish style gemstone rings in Pakistan are:

1. Black Aqeeq Stone

Aqeeq is from the Quartz family and is called Agate in English. It comes in different colors including, red, black, green, white, milky white, gray and yellow colors. Most Pakistani men who like to wear gem rings wear the Black Aqeeq Turkish Stone rings embedded in silver.  The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H was said to have worn aqeeq stone embedded in a silver ring on his right hand. Many Muslims wear the same as it is considered Sunnah. It is known to bring joy, good eyesight, strength and courage to the wearer. Also, experts believe it eliminates sadness, depression, tension and negative feelings. Some Islamic scholars believe wearing black aqeeq ring brings sustenance, eliminates poverty, increase income, protects against accidents, black magic and enemies.

2. Neelam Stone 

The astrologically important gem, Blue Sapphire is called Neelam or Neela Pukraj in Urdu. Neelam stone is sold in carats, "ratti" or "tola" in Pakistan and India. The price depends on its originality and size. Burma, Ceylon/ Sri Lanka and Kashmir are the top three countries where you can find the best quality Neelam stone (Blue Sapphire). Neelam Turkish stone ring is said to bring good luck and numerous health benefits to the wearer if it suits them. It can result in multiple side effects if it doesn't suit the wearer and can prove to be very dangerous. That's why experts believe to test its effects before permanently wearing it to rule out any side effects.

3. Yaqoot Stone

A dazzling red coloured precious gem, both Garnet and Ruby are called Yaqoot stone in Urdu, despite their dissimilarities. It is mainly found in Asia and the Myanmar rubies are considered the top quality and the most expensive of the lot. They have the brightest and deepest red fluorescence which is called the pigeon's blood red. It is among the 5 cardinal precious gems including blue sapphire, purple amethyst, white diamonds and green emeralds. Ruby or Yaqoot stone price varies depending on the origin, clarity, colour, cut and size. Large-sized gem-quality red rubies are the rarest and are even more expensive than comparably sized diamonds. It is preferred in small sizes by men to be worn in silver or stainless steel rings. Yaqoot is sold in carats, "ratti" or "tola" in Pakistan and India. 

As with all precious gems such as neelam, feroza, aqeeq, topaz, opal etc, before planning to buy original Turkish stone rings or jewellery, consult a learned Astrologer. They are experts who can tell you whether any gem will suit you or will prove to be dangerous. If you would like to purchase these rings, we have a list of trusted online stores that sell authentic stone rings, jewellery and other articles made out of precious gems on our website. 

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New Red Stone Turkish Ring For Men Rs. 149
fancy stone ring turkish desine for girls & boys … Rs. 200
Big Vintage Silver Turkish Blue Crystal Stone Ant… Rs. 169
Retro Hollow Stone Rings for Women Tibetan Silver… Rs. 100
Black Turkish Style Ring Rs. 199
Turkish Stone Ring For Men - Order Studio Rs. 199
Turkish Style Stainless Steel Red Stone Ring For … Rs. 129
Blue Turkish Style Ring Rs. 120
Turkish Blue Feroza Stone Ring For Boys Rs. 135
Big Vintage Silver Turkish Blue Crystal Stone Ant… Rs. 169
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