Welding Machine Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Welding Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 390 and estimated average price is Rs. 43,868.


A device designed to use current to weld materials together. The current is of a high power which is why operating these machines can be dangerous. One has to have some know-how before diving into it. A welding machine is available at a mid-range price depending on the make.


Types of welding

Gas and electronic welding are the most common forms of welding. Gas being the more common out of the two, also known as oxyfuel welding. Gas welding is inexpensive as is the equipment needed for it. Although the equipment set up is a little more complex than electric welding. Gas welding does not work for thicker metals or high strenth metals but does have the ability to join ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Electric welding has a higher temperature so it works for high strength metals. Electric welding machines are compact but heavy devices and are usually a single unit. Laser beam and electron beam welding are newer technology and used only in high-application industries. 

Electronic welding machine

Electronic welding is also known as arc welding due to the literal electric arc used to weld. The welding machines used for electric welding are set up with the ability to send out AC and DC current both. Welding machines provide the power in the form of current to weld surfaces together. They have two types one is the constant current power supplies and constant voltage power supplies. In arc welding, the voltage is directly related to the length of the arc and the heat input is related to the current. The constant current power supply is used in manual welding processes, as they maintain a relatively constant current. The constant voltage power supply holds the voltage stable and varies the current, these are more often used for auto-welding processes.

Some welding machines come with their own diesel generator to create the power needed, but it is common to find variants that can be connected to a power supply directly. Welding machines have a 'duty cycle' mentioned, which has a rest period that is needed to keep the machine functioning well. Commercial and industrial level welding machines can typically keep working without rest.


Welding machines may function in a simple manner but welding itself can be complex, different materials work with different welding electrodes. The direction of the current can also affect the results. It is important to check one is using all the right components in the correct manner.

Safety is also a big concern with welding, one has to be wary of explosive materials, eye damage and fine matter being inhaled. It is very crucial to wear the right protective gear while welding.

Welding machines are available for a relatively mid-range price, of course depending on where the manufacturing happened.

Price List

Model Price
Print your pictures of party birthday wedding or … Rs. 650
Inverter MMA Welding machine Rs. 37,050
INGCO Inverter MMA Welding Machine – ING-MMA1606 Rs. 39,290
Ingco Inverter MMA Welding Machine ING-MMA2006 Rs. 48,000
Inverter MMA Welding machine Rs. 75,900
Crown CT-33099 IGBT Welding Machine 30‐160A 2.5 2… Rs. 28,200
Ingco ING-MMA1602 Inverter MMA Welding machine Rs. 17,599
INGCO MMA Welding Machine ING-MMAC1802 Rs. 27,328
Crown CT-33102 IGBT Welding Machine 30‐150A 1ph 1… Rs. 23,700
Welding Machine #6180P Rs. 23,200
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