5 Best Formal Shoes Brands

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Compare 463 prices from 17 stores.

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Most Affordable

For Men - Black Plain Stitched Design Formal Shoes CB-2050

Techcity is an online shopping store housing formal shoes under 1000 Rs for men and women that are multipurpose to be worn to festive occasions, parties and office. The black plain design is by Durrani Boot House that is a classic for men looking to match their shoes with a variety of formal suits and pants. The neutral colour of black can be worn formally and casually all year round making them an essential addition to your wardrobe. 

For Women - Metro-10900437 

The timeless design of silver shoes will complete any fancy and formal wear outfit with a sparkling finish. The Silver heels by Metro are much more affordable than other shoe brands offering the same design. This is a short heel that is comfortable to wear by young and mature women looking for stable and reliable formal wear shoes. It has a clear heel with a unique design that is modern and chic. It has both plain silver panels and a textured side that makes it an interesting design that can be worn with eastern and western outfits.

Best Value

For Men - CORDO GTDS by Hush Puppies 

The online store Jumo has a wide range of formal shoes for men that can be delivered straight to your doorstep saving you precious time in shopping for your favourite designs. These mid-range Hush Puppies are a great design for men looking to buy a formal dinner party shoe that is comfortable and durable. These shoes are multipurpose and can be worn to formal conferences, charity events and business meetings with any formal attire. 

For Women - 97165S Court Shoe by Walkeaze

These party black shoes are glamourous pair of heels with a cute knotted embellishment with a glossy finish while the rest of the shoe has suede fabric. These heels have a medium heel that can be worn to weddings, parties, dinners and festive occasions. The black colour is two-tone as the suede is matt finish and the knot in the front is glossy. These shoes can be worn with eastern kurta shalwar outfits as well as jeans and dresses.

Best High-End 

For Men - Insignia Formal Oxford M34034-Black

Insignia has some of the best formal shoes for men in Pakistan. The formal Oxford design is popularly worn to festive occasions, formal office meetings and dinners. These shoes are affordable but do not compromise on design quality and feel premium. They can be worn casually and are readily available online in a variety of sizes.

For Women -  011600011 by ECS Shoes 

This sparkling design has soft gold shades paired with pearl white studs spread all over the shoe. It is a pointed toe sandal with a soft back strap that be easy to slip on and off. The short heel makes it easy to wear for long durational periods at weddings and other festive occasions. The neutral colour composition makes it easy to match the shoes with multiple outfits in your wardrobe making it an essential pair of formal wear shoes for ladies.  

Best Variety

For Men - Men's "RYAN" Two-Tone Leather Slip On Shoes

Unze Shoes are a must-have for men in their twenties and thirties looking for additional footwear for the office at affordable midrange prices. These shoes are fashionable and modern as compared to traditional black dinner shoes. Available in a unique deep red-brown or two-tone leather slip-on design, they offer a change from neutral coloured shoes for younger men.

For Women - Close Formal Court Shoes I44260-Skpink by Insignia 

This classic number is a chic high heel with a strong sole that feels comfortable to wear to dinners and parties. The colour of bold and fashionable that will bring a splash of colour to your outfit. The stylish party wear design is a closed formal court shoe that is ideal for ladies looking for festive and wedding wear to match with straight trousers and long maxi dresses. The pointed toe looks modern and feels glamourous as this design is highly popular on the international fashion runways. It will add 3 to 4 inches height that will make your feel confident. The price is reasonable and affordable for a premium quality pair of heels.

Best Multipurpose Designs

For Men - Khaki SMF0104-KHAKI

Diners is a well known Pakistani fashion brand for men that specialises in formal and semi-formal apparel and shoes. The khaki colour in formal shoes feels urban and fashion-forward for men who are looking for something different than traditional closed shoes for the office. These shoes are bright and can be worn to afternoon lunches and social gatherings as well as formal occasions such as weddings, parties and dinners.

For Women - Women "TALLIE" Indian Khussa Pumps

The Unze designs have a wide range of western and eastern shoes for ladies. These Tallie Indian Khussa Pumps are comfortable and embellished with zarri gold banarsi fabric that looks festive. They can be worn to formal occasions such as weddings and dinner parties easily paired with shalwar kurta designs. The khussa is an essential flat shoe that has been traditionally worn by men and women in South Asia. These designs can be worn formally and casually depending on your personal taste and style. They are affordable and durable making them a great addition to your shoe collection.

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The best price of 5 Best Formal Shoes Brands in Pakistan is Rs. 2,950 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,546.

Price List

Model Price
Men's Embellished Formal Shoes - Metro-30602135 Rs. 3,699
Men's Textured Formal Shoes - Metro-30602161 Rs. 5,699
Men's Embellished Formal Shoes - Metro-30602159 Rs. 6,599
Silver Formal Court Shoes L00850002 Rs. 4,392
Beige Formal Court Shoes L00850001 Rs. 4,632
Silver Formal Court Shoes L00850011 Rs. 8,799
Beige Formal Court Shoes 085471 Rs. 4,000
Beige Formal Court Shoes L00850014 Rs. 7,199
Beige Formal Court Shoes 085508 Rs. 3,200
Beige Formal Court Shoes 085477 Rs. 4,000