Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder in Pakistan is Rs. 331 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,067.


Instead of talcum powder, people can opt for Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder. Talc has been known to cause health problems and for a lot of brands, it has been stopped on their end.


Baby powder is used to keep the skin of babies dry, especially with the use of diapers. A lot of people, they want to stop using baby powders with talc in them. To counter this one can opt for Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder.

There are different brands that produce this kind of baby powder, with the Mechico, Pureen and J&J among the known ones. 

Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder is a better option, but it should be applied carefully as inhalation of such a substance by the baby can affect lung growth and health.

Price List

Model Price
Johnsons Baby Powder 500g Rs. 600
Johnsons Baby Powder Blossom 500g Rs. 600
Johnson's Powder Milk & Rice Powder 500g Rs. 600
Johnson's Baby Powder - Sleep Time, 500g Rs. 600
Meiji Mamilac Powder 350g Rs. 1,580
Neo Lac Premature Milk Powder 300gm Rs. 1,829
Baby Powder Keep's Baby Skin Refresh & Dry with … Rs. 950
Pigeon Baby’s Hand Sanitizer Cream 50g Rs. 645
Nestle Nido Fortigrow Milk Powder 800gm Rs. 1,410
Abbott Ensure Strawberry Powder Milk 400 Gms Rs. 1,891
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