Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder

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Compare 148 prices from 15 stores.

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Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder is a finely milled powder derived from corn. Unlike regular corn flour used in baking, this powder undergoes special processing, rendering it ultra-fine and ideal for the most sensitive skin.


Friction Fighter

From diaper rash to clothing-induced chafing, Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder steps in as the solution. Its silky texture absorbs moisture, curbing friction and creating a protective barrier between delicate skin and potential irritants.

Soothing Protection

Redness, irritation, and minor eczema find relief in the gentle touch of Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties work to calm the skin, providing comfort in moments of discomfort.

Moisture Management

Excess moisture can be a threat to the happy and delicate skin of your baby. This powder adeptly absorbs wetness, keeping your baby's skin dry and comfortable. thereby reducing the risk of diaper rash and other irritations.

Natural & Safe

Devoid of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and talc, Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder stands as a hypoallergenic gem. Its gentleness makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin, offering both peace of mind and pure comfort.

Multi-Purpose Marvel

Beyond its primary use, Baby Pure Cornstarch Powder unveils its versatility. It can tame flyaways in baby's hair, prevent a greasy cradle cap, and soothe the discomfort of insect bites. It proves to be a versatile addition to any diaper bag.

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