Bakea Brown Sugar

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Compare 4 prices from 2 stores.

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Rs. 399 - Rs. 535


Bakea Brown Sugar is special because of its unique qualities that enhance your cooking experience. Many people use brown sugar as it is a slightly better option than white sugar and the flavour is more whole. From carefully sourced materials to its distinct flavour and versatile uses, Brown Sugar by Bakea has become a favourite among chefs, bakers and home cooks.


Origin & Sourcing

Bakea Brown Sugar takes pride in its outstanding sourcing practices. Carefully chosen sugarcane is grown in regions known for its fertile soil and good weather, ensuring top-notch raw material.

This meticulous sourcing creates the distinct flavour of Bakea, setting it apart from regular brown sugars.

Craftsmanship in Processing

Bakea's uniqueness comes from how it is processed. The sugar goes through a detailed production process, with minimal processing to keep its natural molasses.

This careful treatment maintains the rich, caramel-like taste and unique aroma, giving Bakea its character.

Distinctive Flavor Profile

Bakea Brown Sugar stands out because of its nuanced flavour. The mix of molasses and natural sugars creates a delightful sweetness beyond what you find in typical brown sugars.

This flavour depth enhances both sweet and savoury dishes, making Bakea a versatile ingredient in various recipes.

Texture & Moisture Content

What sets Bakea apart is its texture and moisture content. The sugar granules are a bit larger and moister than regular brown sugars, giving it a soft and velvety feel.

This feature makes it easy to use in recipes, ensuring a smooth texture and consistent sweetness in every bite.


Bakea Brown Sugar shows its versatility in the kitchen. Whether used in baking, cooking, or making beverages, it adds a depth of flavour that elevates the overall culinary experience.

From cookies and cakes to savoury sauces and marinades, Brown Sugar by Bakea enhances the taste of a variety of dishes.


The best price of Bakea Brown Sugar in Pakistan is Rs. 399 and the estimated average price is Rs. 450.

Price List

Model Price
SUGARIE granualted Brown Pure Cane Sugar - 1kg Rs. 430
Sugarie Granulated Brown Pure Cane Sugar 1kg Rs. 535
Brown Sugar 1 Kg (wholesale) Rs. 399
Granulated Brown Sugar Institutional Pack ~ 900gm Rs. 435