Bakea Brown Sugar Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bakea Brown Sugar in Pakistan is Rs. 163 and estimated average price is Rs. 163.


Many people use brown sugar as it is a slightly better option than white sugar and the flavour is more whole. Bakea Brown Sugar is one of the options one can purchase.


If you are looking for brown sugar to use in baking, the Bakea Brown Sugar is an option for you. Not only can one use this in baking but also to consume with tea or other drinks. Brown sugar is also used in sauces and cooking at times.

Brown sugar is generally a bit better because it has some minerals that have not been removed as in white sugar. The molasses which are left in make the flavour a bit more whole and caramel-like, many people prefer this to the super sweet white sugar.

Overall it brown sugar is still not good for the health, especially in larger quantities. People with sugar-related health problems need to be wary of it.

Bakea Brown Sugar comes in a box and is available for a nominal price.

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Model Price
Bakea Brown Sugar 300g Rs. 163
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